Raising the Minimum Age of Consent for Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is the term used to describe the process of reshaping different parts of the body. Following recent technical advancements in this sector, it has become extremely common among people of all ages. However, whether or not individuals under the age of 18 can get plastic surgery is still a controversial problem. Countries are divided into two sides: some of them do not allow it, whereas others, such as the USA, do, especially with parental consent. In my opinion, the age of 13 is too early to make such a significant decision and undergo such a risky operation.

  Firstly after having plastic surgery, people may experience health complications and risks. Since the average human body continues to develop until the age of 20, it is unreasonable to perform plastic surgery on immature body lines. For example, someone who has had rhinoplasty, nose surgery, at a young age may have a small nose compared to his mature face in the future.

In addition, even the safest surgery has risks because there is no guarantee that everyone’s body will react in the same way.

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Experts advise waiting until the appropriate age unless it is necessary therefore they operate on their patients according to these principles. Secondly, as young people lack mature decision-making ability, waiting for the right age results in better consequences for them. Most of today’s teenagers are dissatisfied with their physical appearance peer pressure and social media have a big role in this issue. They want to have cosmetic surgery to be noticed by their peers or just because they believe they do not fit the perception of beauty based on the social media pages they follow.

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Since they are prone to be influenced by such things, they cannot recognize how transient they are. As a result, they should not make major decisions at a young age if they do not want to regret it later.

It has been argued that young people can have plastic surgery because they will look prettier and more attractive, which improves their self-confidence. They may have a point that one of the most essential factors of self<love is self<confidence and having it makes a person feel positive. However, conforming to society’s beauty standards is not the only way to gain self-confidence. Being proud of yourself and at peace with your body are also some ways to have it. The comfort provided by conforming to beauty norms exists until the beauty standards change, while the comfort provided by loving your perfect imperfections remains forever. In conclusion, undergoing plastic surgery at a young age can cause lifelong complications since it is a risky operation in both the short and long term. Having not to explain and limit their actions according to someone, adults have full control of how they use their bodies contrary to adults, young people should not abuse their freedom by doing such things they may regret in the future.

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