Railway ticketing lines Essay

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Railway ticketing lines

This proposal will outline a comprehensive proposal for setting up railway ticket selling and information center for Paddington Railway Station. This will be achieved through outlining the operational as well as management aspects of the project. Operational Issues Waiting is often considered as frustrating and a boring job which most of the passengers have to bear while waiting for their turn to receive tickets for their journey.

For a learning organization, it is therefore necessary that a system of procedures shall be implemented which helped it achieve the operational excellence by carefully managing different timings i. e. peak times, low times etc during ticket selling procedure. Since it is often believed that services are experienced and goods are consumed therefore from a operational point of view management of waiting lines carries great significance in order to achieve necessary efficiency as well as productivity. (Maister,1985). We propose to manage waiting lines during following times: Peak Hours We propose to set up different counters i. e. increase number of counters to manage peak hours. This will allow us to reduce time spent on delivering each ticket or providing information. Queuing theory will be used to manage peak hours also.

(Young, 1996). In order to avoid the usual problems happening at this time, we also intend to upgrade our database and system in order to analyze the travelling patterns of passengers coming at this time. This would allow us to prepare in advance to gather resources which best suit that time and type of customers. Interpeak Hours Waiting lines during this period will be managed by increasing the coordination between the counters and the passengers. This will be achieved by employing extra professionals who will guide our customers to right counters and will provide them right guidance to reach the correct counter to receive their tickets.

Off Peak Hours Since off peak hours do not produce the similar amount of passenger rush therefore normalized operations with focus on delivering accurate service will be performed. It is also important that this will be the time which also be utilized for marketing purposes. References 1. David Maister. (1985). the Psychology of Waiting Lines. Available: http://davidmaister. com/articles/5/52/. Last accessed 8 November 2008. 2. Scott T. Young, (1996). Managing Global Operations: Cultural and Technical Success Factors. New York: Greenwood Publishing Group. 209.

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