Railroad Essay Topics

Railroad history

The reasons why Villard failed to build a profitable railroad was that he never bothered to study much about railroads so he made many mistakes such as, he rushed to the wilderness to collect his subsidies he thought that by building the rail on an area with a beautiful view he would attract tourism in… View Article

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 began in the month of July and started off in a town called Martinburg which was located in the state of West Virginia. What lead up The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 was a depression that started in September of 1873. The depression had a hold on the country… View Article

Excessive Talking

I am being disciplined for talking in class without the teacher’s permission. I must realize that when too many people are talking at once, it is hard to hear and understand anyone at all. That is one reason why my teacher wants only one person to talk at a time. A second reason is that… View Article