Radisson Hotels Essay

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Radisson Hotels

Radisson Hotels defines their service guarantee very clearly through five strategies that must be focused on. These strategies are a focus on the customer, to provide individualized marketing and services, to develop hotels in key locations, to leverage the Carlson companies, and to strengthen global brand presence (Schroeder, 2006). One of the key ways that the Radisson Hotels implements their service guarantee is through the “Yes I Can” training program (2008).

This program empowers the front line employees to take of situations for the customer without long chains of command to deal with first. This program encompasses the organizations service philosophy and allows the front line employees to meet the needs and wants of the individual customer. In an organization of this magnitude utilizing fully integrated technology is a necessity in today’s fast paced and global society. Radisson Hotels found that by utilizing a world wide reservation system, which provided instant access to availability at any of the Radisson locations worldwide (2008).

This made reservations much simpler for the customer, travel agents, and businesses trying to book rooms in multiple places on a regular basis. Since this was the first of its kind, it gave Radisson Hotels a competitive advantage. Technology can also be utilized to accelerate the improvement of service quality through what Radisson Hotels calls the Customer KARE System. This system allows employees of any of the worldwide Radisson Hotels to access information on customer service expectations of specific customers.

This allows the customers to receive the same service that they had expected at any other Radisson that they had stayed at. This system also allowed the marketing department to instantaneously notice trends and other demographic information for certain geographic locations. Radisson Hotels has implemented an “Express Yourself” (Schroeder, 2006) pre-arrival check in system to allow customers the convenience of checking in without spending time at the front desk.

In order to improve measurement of customer service, Radisson Hotels could implement a self check out computer system that asks a few quick quality and service questions as the check out process is completed. Radisson Hotels could also implement a call back to ensure the customers received what they were expecting once their stay is completed. This would help to solidify loyalty out of a customer because when the customer knows that the hotel cares enough to call and make sure they were satisfied without any provocation, the customer is more likely to continue staying at those hotels.

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