Radish Extract Essay

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Radish Extract

Many people considered shoe polisher as a part of their daily lives. Shoe polisher is a thing that uses to clean and shine your shoes. There are times that we forget to polish our shoes. If you don’t want to buy any brand of shoe polisher, you can now make your own in your house.


Shoe polisher is essential in our lives. It’s been a great help in the daily lives of human today. Shoe polisher is a substance use to polish shoes. It is use to make the shoes smooth and shiny by rubbing it. Some of us buy a shoe polisher in the store. By becoming aware of this fact, many of us can’t buy shoe polisher because their house is far away from the store. By realizing this, I decided to conduct a product to help those who spend a lot of time just to buy a shoe polisher and those who cannot afford it. In additional, is to have knowledge on how to make shoe polisher in home.

Our country is rich in natural resources. Resources is the things which are use to produce goods and services that satisfy the needs of man. Almost 50 percent of our land belongs to forest land. In forest land, we can find trees that use to produce charcoal. Charcoal is a black form of carbon made by burning woods slowly.

I would want to introduce charcoals as another source of shoe polisher. I also want to encourage other people to do things by themselves. By doing this the people will become more confident to their self and will not be dependent.

I chose charcoal to be the main ingredient because it is easily to find and affordable. Since trees are abundant in Philippines because of its forest land, it is easier to conduct this study by means of availability.


The studies try to intend an alternative shoe polisher which can be made at home. Its purpose is to make the people independent and have another source of shoe polisher. It aims to help those people whose house is far away from the store.

The study sought to answer the following question that you might ask: 1. Is there any difference between the alternative shoe polishers using charcoal from the other brand that clean shoes? 2. Would there be enough charcoal to produce shoe polisher? 3. Does it have effects or can harm our health?


This study will be favorable to the students, employees, and parents. The significance of this study is to help those people who cannot go outside to buy a shoe polisher because of heavy rain and those people whose houses are far from the store. The following are those who will benefit from this study.

1. Student
This study is conducted for the benefits of the student. It helps student by Making their shoes look new and shiny, especially those student who has C.A.T. in their school. It will protect their shoes from looking old. Another thing is, student will learn new knowledge about making shoe polisher.

2. Employees
Employees will also benefit from this study b using this shoe polisher, they will look decent and cool. It will also protect their shoes from rain. If they are tired from work and don’t want to go outside, they can make their own shoe polisher from their house.

3. Parents
Another thing that will benefit from this study is the parents. By doing this product, their expenses from school will be lessen. They will save more money and they will be able to manage their money wisely.


This study is conducted to help people make a shoe polisher using charcoal. This study is limited to the use of charcoal as the main ingredient in making shoe polisher. The product of this study can only use to the black shoes for its color.

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