Radiology. Lonizing radiation Essay

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Radiology. Lonizing radiation

I. Introduction
A.(Opening Device) I’m sure most of you in here have broken, fractured, or sprained something in your body before. And you had to take that dreadful trip to the ER after whatever crazy and or stupid thing you just did. Or it might even just been from you playing the sport you love. My favorite part of that trip is when they finally bring in the x-rays and you get to see the part of your body that should not look like it does in the picture.

I’d love to share how some of the equipment they use to see these things work! B.(Thesis Statement) When I grow up, I want to be a radiologist. C.(Preview of Main Points) In order to help you understand more about what radiology is and how it’s used is so many different ways ill use 3 main points: first what radiologists actually do and devices they use; second, what the average salary of a radiologist is today; and third, diseases radiologists can help detect II. Body

A. Radiologists are medical doctors that specialize in using x-rays and radioactive substances to diagnose bones and treat illnesses.
1.Some ways things wrong with your body are found. a. According to Who is a Radiologist, posted on the website of, accessed on September 12, 2013, many of the uses include: X-ray technology, computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and nuclear medicine imaging. b.The difference between all these forms of radiology are some are used to detect broken bones, some used to detect muscles and stuff going on with your organs, and many other uses including seeing your baby for the first time.

2.Average salary of a radiologist.
a.The average starting salary of a radiologist ranges from 50-80,000 dollars a year depending on your location confirmed by “Career of a Radiologist,” authored by Diane Turner, an MD, on, dated 2012.

b. After 3 years of working as a radiologist, experts determined that the average salary then rises to $325 thousand a year. c.If you’re planning to get into this profession you have to majorly take location into consideration, that’ll be the best way to make sure you’re making the most you can. New York has the highest paid radiologists in the country with the average being $454,710, and California is in second with $355,000. C. Diseases radiologists can help detect.

1. Cancer
a. With there being many different forms of cancer ill just explain how a few are found. b.according to the website on cancer research Xrays- cartilage and bone cancer, ct scans- tumors, mris- brain cancer, pet scan(positron emission tomography) relatively new technology, only available in few hospitals in the uk right now, and they show how a particular part of your body is actually working not just what it looks like (basically ultrasound of body not just a picture)

2. Kidney Stones
a. There are two main ways kidney stones can be detected b.They can use a ct scan that places the patient in an xray tube and creates several images of the kidneys and bladder or they can use a IVP or intravenous pyelogram which is where they inject a special dye into your veins and take images that will detect anything in the dye.

III. Conclusion
A.(Summary) Overall, Radiologists have to have a very wide spanned knowledge of the body and medical devices that are used. They are also one of the highest paid careers in the medical field today. B.(Closing Device) Radiologists without a doubt enjoy a high paying profession. Given the fact that they undergo thorough training in their educational level, this pay is worth it. The competition to be a radiologist in the US is majorly rising and the number of students pursuing this profession is also on the increase.

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