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Radiology Essay


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Everyone wants to be successful in life. The easiest way to do so is to set goals for yourself just for a day or for the rest of your life. Having goals makes you have a clear focus and helps you organize your plans to achieving the goals you have set for yourself. My parents always remind me how it’s difficult to be successful in the world if you have no college education. They encourage me to strive for what I want so I won’t have to suffer like they did.

Another major role model in my life is my older sister. She is a surgical technician in the navy. Although she is always busy studying, working out, and doing her daily duties she calls me to keeps me on track and gives me advice. They keep me motivated to completing my goal of becoming a Radiologist. To accomplish my goal of majoring as a Radiologist I will complete my pre-requisites, stay focused in college, and stay organized.

The first step to becoming a Radiologist is to complete my pre-requisites. To begin my pre-requisites I am taking 13.20 units at CCC this semester. These units include Math, Writing, Health, and Computer technology courses. I will meet up with a counselor to make an educational plan so I can know what classes I need be taking for the fall semester. I know this won’t be a next day achievement on getting my pre-requisites over with but I’m trying to have them done by a year and a half. Then I will be able to sign up either at Lake Merritt College or Kaiser so I can take on their Radiology program. Hoping I get accepted it will take me around two years on getting my degree. The next step to becoming a Radiologist I will stay focused in college. I will start by getting out of my old habits like staying off my phone during class. This will keep me from wondering off and actually paying attention to what the instructor is teaching the class. In addition, I won’t be bothered by my friends and will finish all my work that is due at end of the class. I also need to start falling asleep earlier so that my mind and body can be rested.

Therefore, while in class I can stay awake and focused so I won’t have wonder why I failed the class. Being that the result was me falling asleep. Finally, the last step to becoming a Radiologist is to stay organized. By getting a planner I can stay organized with important test dates and when my homework is due. It comes in handy so I will always know what todays homework was and won’t have to remember or call up friends so they can tell me what it was. Another good reason to have a planner is so I won’t have go through stress and headaches doing last minute work because it was due today and I forgot. Keeping separate binders for all my classes will be a big help so I can keep my papers located to the certain class they are for. I won’t have to dig through one binder trying to find a paper during class. While I can just open of the specific binder and bam there goes the paper I was looking for no struggles or mess. If I complete my pre-requisites, stay focused in college and staying organized, I will be able to reach my goal in majoring as a Radiologist that I want to achieve in life. I know everyone has different goals but mine is important to me so I can make my family proud first of all. Secondly, so I will live a happy future and look back and see I accomplished my set goals and be proud of myself. Everyone says never give up and in time your hard work will pay off.

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