Radio Frequency Identification Rfid Computer Science Essay

Radio Frequency Identification engineering is an Automatic Identification engineering by which computing machines and machines can place objects by automatic informations gaining control. Radio Frequency Identification engineering makes usage of wireless moving ridges to place and by so manage and proctor objects whenever they move from one location to another location. The RFID System in general consists of reader and tickets. RFID tickets are little devices integrated with a bit in it and an aerial that shops the object designation information.

These tickets can be attached with the needed containers, objects or any stock list that is to be tracked and processed. The reader is a device which will reads the entrance wireless moving ridge informations available on the RFID ticket with in a sight motion and so transmits it into a signifier that can be read by a computing machine. The staying processing will be done at the computing machine system side.

In general the RFID tickets can be of two types.

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They are active tickets and inactive tickets. Active tickets are provided with a battery for the power supply and the inactive tickets are non provided with any battery or power supply but they will acquire the power from the signal emitted by the RFID Reader. Active tickets are capable to be read from a distance of more than 100 pess. As they have power and battery demands they are heavier. They are ideal for tracking objects from a long distance as their scope is high and they can be dearly-won.

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Passive tickets have a scope of 5 to 10 pess distance from where they can be read. They are lighter, cheaper and reclaimable. They can be used in topographic points where there is big figure of objects to be managed.

RFID and Barcode:

It seems to be that both RFID and barcodes are two competitory engineerings and offer same sort of services. But both of them are complementary because the primary difference between these is that RFID doesnaa‚¬a„?t require line of sight engineering to scan. But where as in the instance of barcode must be scanned like any point from a food market shop. The RFID ticket is merely merely to be kept in a scope of RFID reader where it can be read. There are many important advantages when compared to barcode even though both seem to be the same.

RFID tickets can be read in bulk sums at a clip at the same time but whereas barcodes are designed to be read one at a clip.

Tags are more lasting when compared to barcodes and are more lasting.

Tags are reclaimable but whereas barcodes one time used can non be reused.

Tags can incorporate more sum information and can be updated but whereas barcodes are inactive and can non be updated.

Tags do non necessitate any human attempts for reading but whereas barcodes do.

With all these distinguishable advantages of RFID engineering there are many easy and automated informations aggregation and designation applications are evolved. Whatever may be the differences are both of the barcode and RFID tickets will be together and happen their applications which are suited for execution.

RFID Performance:

The RFID System public presentation varies by the frequence scope used chipset memory, type of informations aggregation, security and other factors. Depending on these variables the public presentation of a RFID ticket is determined and used harmonizing in suited applications. The undermentioned factors will give better thought on finding the public presentation of a RFID ticket.

Frequency: It is the factor that determines the scope of the RFID and opposition to interference. Most of the commercial RFID systems operate at either Ultra High Frequency ( UHF ) runing between 859 and 960 MHz or High Frequency ( HF ) at 13.56 MHz. The UHF is the normally used for the supply concatenation direction applications.

Scope: It is the propinquity on which the ticket can be read by the reader which varies from few centimetres to some metres depending on the ticket and the reader. HF scope is used to cover a scope of about 3 metres and UHF is used to cover a scope of 20 metres.

Security: RFID tickets are really hard to chop. A hacker would necessitate to hold specialized cognition about this technology and assorted encoding algorithms. Different degrees of security can be maintained by using our ain limitations where the tickets can be read and pass the security cheque etc.

These are the basic factors by which the public presentation of a RFID ticket is determined and used in assorted applications consequently.


There exist assorted applications that exist with the usage of RFID in assorted Fieldss. They are

Production Trailing: Making usage of the RFID tickets in the production tracking sections of assorted industries and mills has reduced the cost of the labour to a big extent and it is besides easy to pull off the records. It besides saves the clip and makes the tracking procedure really fast.

Inventory Control: The chief application of the RFID ticket comes in the stock list control direction where assorted sorts of objects and stock list merchandises like packages etc are attached with a RFID ticket and are controlled throughout the procedure organize the clip of fabrication to the terminal phase where it is delivered to the client with a great easiness of entree and truth really easy and in a economical manner.

Transporting & A ; Receiving: Transportation is another application where the goods can be tracked automatically from the ware houses and can be managed really easy until it is delivered or received.

Service and Warranty Authorizations: Service and hallmark information can be managed easy and efficaciously with the aid of RFID tickets. No fraud can be given opportunity to take topographic point in the instance of RFID in this application.

Potential challenges faced by the RFID Technology are:

Pull offing big volumes of RFID tags information.

Besides merchandise information is besides to be maintained.

Careful direction of readers and devices.

Integration of informations across assorted installation theodolite centres.

Security of RFID and merchandise informations.

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