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Essay, Pages 4 (876 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (876 words)

During the last week, we have been studying racism. I was able to watch the movie “Green Book” and read several articles. The movie, “Green Book”, is about an African- American pianist that challenges himself to go on tour all around tThe United States during a period of segregation in the 1962. For his tour, he was in need of a driver and a protector, so he recruits an Italian that is from an Italian- American neighborhood in the Bronx in order for him to do the job.

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The movie’s trajectory is developed around them and at the end, the differences they had disappeared, and instead they developed a bond that makes them confront racism and segregation in each of their presentations.

On the other hand, one of the articles titled “Don’t Let the Loud Bigots Distract You. America’s Real Problem With Race Cuts Far Deeper” by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. published in on TIME in 2018 explains how actual citizens of the US (not all) have an idea that black people do not don’t belong in the country and feel empowered due to their the “feeling” of whiteness.

It also discusses explains the terms of bigotry (intolerance), how people blame others, racial equality, etc. A main point the article focus on are the elections of 2016 and Trump’s ideas. Also, it mentions the 1960s and 1970s and several books that justify the “American conservatism”. The second article read “Crime and Justice” by Sara Bastomski and Janine M. Zweig, talks about the sexual violence against women of color.

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They explained in their article that these women face barriers to seeking help, and the main reason is because in on their communities, where usually only black people live, the information about rapes, violence etc isn not present. Nowadays many schools are applying programs to give the correct help to all the victims without discrimination.

Finally, the last article read “Race and Ethnicity” by Ruth Gourevitch and Solomon Greene explains about the isolated neighborhoods and the states that have cities like Louisville and Long Island that keep segregation present in contrast to however Boston don’t that does not.. It also explains the history of these isolated communities by talking about how families were blocked from opportunity-rich neighborhoods and they had limited sources, but and how now on the present this action is fully unconstitutional. PThe present society ies is are now trying to overcome racism; however, the segregation effect is still very present.

Recently, we watched a movie about racism, and Now, with the introduction of small summaries of the movie and the articles read I will explain the relation between the articles I read with the movie m by making with four points. The first point is the theme in each of them. In the movie and articles, the theme of racism and segregation is clearly. Both show how society has created an idea of discrimination that comes from many years of cultural attitudes ago that have and caused different manifestations like repulsion, less focus on over violentnce acts, politics, etc. The second point is the problems associated with racism that are problematics present. In the movie, as well as in the articles many issues problematics are shown; for example, the prohibition of entranceering into certain places for the pianist, or the search for seek of help for black women, etc. All of these the problemsatics cause segregation and racism. The third point is how society is dealing with racial the conflicts, in these case, racism. In On both the movie and the articles, we can see how people’s mentalities have changed over time, which has createding a more conscious and protective society that seeks for equality. Finally, the fourth point is time. The movie takes place in on 1962 and one of the articles talk about the society of the 1960s and 1970s.

InNow focusing on the actual racism ofon the US, it is incredible that racismhow it still exists in 2019. SThe society has changed their mentality a little, however, since the elections of 2016. it had retroced racism has surged a lot thanks to ideas giving by a racist man who is and now president of The United States, Donald Trump. The power his position gives him makes his word more credible so citizens believe more on the “traditional values” from the 60s and 70s that he proclaims rather than on the actual values of equality, peace, and non- discrimination.

In conclusion, my personal observations from the movie are that it is a very good movie that shows another example of racism without actually showing the stereotype of it because at beginning Ii thought it was an inverse racism story in which the Italian was taking the place of the history black people who suffered throughout history, but then I understood and for me was a really good message. Also, the articles read show me a lot;, for example, I did not n’t know about the violences and rapes of black women, and how less help they received less help just because due toof their skin color. I believed in the eradication of segregation and racism and for the empowerment of equality for all, and hope in the future race relations will improve more..

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