Racism in Football Essay

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Racism in Football

Throughout the 231 years football has been in existence, we are at the most critical era of football. In the last 10 years , the sport which had been invented to unite people of different colours , countries and religions .Has become a word which excruciates my heart . Racist. Racism was first encountered by the world in 1891 in a pub, full of intoxicated minds , the same act was discovered on a pitch full of sober men who get more than a soldier for being on the pitch. Racism itself means prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race .Is It that footballer have developed this malicious habit of saying derogatory terms – then obviously not remembering it in a court room . There however has been more then a dozen cases reported of the years ( from maradona to suarez ) . Yet 77% of these cases have not been taken action on but the 33% which have been recognised only 11% have been taken to the high court and found justice . this does leave a controversial question in our mind is it the F.A ( Football Association ) behind this ?

A more recent case on racism and football is the Blackburn skipper Jason Robert’s decision to boycott wearing the ‘kick racism out of football’ t-shirt, for Saturdays pre-match warm up against Swansea . This is because the Reading striker believes there is a lack of commitment from the F.A and football in progressing and until he is satisfied more has been done to address racism in football he will not wear the t-shirt again . Also as A number of black players – Rio fernidad and brother Anton fernidad , Ashley Cole , Raheem sterling have all joined Roberts with the decision of boycotting the t-shirt because they also believe there is insufficient progress .

Conversely there are some footballers that do follow the F.A code of conduct , and also do that little bit of an extra aid , such as craig bellamy who has opened his own academy in Zambia . However there is always that small minority in every population , that weigh the majority of people down . Also most racist incidents occur between player of rival teams – but this is no excuse for racism . As a result of this barbaric culture of using racist terminology , the sport has began to suffer verbally from various organisations .The sport which was made to unite people of different colours , countries and religions is becoming segregated . I know your thinking “ I cant make a difference “ . But I can , you can and we can .

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