Racism in America Essay

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Racism in America

Racism is very much a problem in our country; we just can’t admit that it’s there. We bury it back in our minds, not able to admit the pressing problem in our nation. All of the groups in our nation demonstrate racism and believe that they are right for hating a certain type of people. The Klu Klux Klan, Aryans, Skinheads, Neo Nazis, and many more are a good example of the racism that still lingers. There is also a substantial amount of racial profiling now ever since the September 11th tragedies. Many people ridicule Middle Easterners and people who are considered to have “their color” because some of us think that since a few Middle Eastern terrorists bombed us, they all hate us and want us to die.

This all started with slavery and the Africans being sent away from their homelands to break their backs working on our farms. We spit on them, treated them like shit, and expected them to work hard for us and like it. Many of the white people do feel sorry and are guilty for what we did to the African American ancestors, but there’s nothing we can do to take it back. It is history and we cannot change it. There is still racism towards African Americans. Whenever you hear a murder, robbery, assault, or drug bust on the news, they say it was an African American. There are just as many white people that commit those same crimes, but they aren’t on the news nearly as much.

Affirmative Action in today’s society has nothing to do with slavery and if it does, it really shouldn’t. We use Affirmative Action to make a school or work environment have diversity, not pity on what we did. Affirmative Action is to make sure minorities have the same opportunities as everyone else.

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