Racism, Asian American, and Everything in Between Essay

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Racism, Asian American, and Everything in Between

Have you ever watched the news about racism on television? News on racism on a certain race of people has been a news breaker a couple of times this last few years. This issue is now global and is concerning quite a lot of people. Imagine if you are suffering the same faith as this people. We don’t need people with IQ level of 160 to conclude that it is not the situation most people want to be at. If you then think that racism is only limited to the harassment of African American, then you are definitely wrong. Racism is universal; it could be done to any group or type of people. Yes, this matter is definitely not off-limit to the Asian American group.

You might be asking, as you have read the paragraph above, what is racism? Racism is when someone believes that one or more person is less than human (Anti-Defamation League). Cases of racism are big trouble in America nowadays. The averages of 20000 racial discrimination cases were filed every year (Racial Discrimination). And in 2009, number of Asian American bullying incident in Fels High school reached the number of 138. These large numbers have increase 60 percent from the amount of assault that happen last year (Miller).

On October 6 2009, massive incident involving Asians students broke out at South Philadelphia High. Around 30 kids simultaneously attack five Asians students at the Synder Avenue subway station. This attack sends a couple of victims to the hospital. Asians students continued living in fear after that incident (Miller). These types of assault didn’t only happen in the 20th century. One of the most famous cases was probably the case of Vincent Chin in 1982. Two white American, Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz beat Vincent to death. He was mistaken to be a Japanese, although he was actually a Chinese American. The two men who murdered Vincent were put on trial but came out of court with no time in jail at all. They were only told to pay $3.700 fine and two years probation. Even though what they did was equivalent to second-degree murder, the judge reduced the charges of manslaughter, leaving them free out of jail (Asian Nation).

The many cases involving racism to the Asian American have brought a birth of a couple organizations. One of them is the Asian American Justice Center, found in 1991. Their goal is to move forward the human and civil right of Asian American. They are also struggling to create an equalize society for everyone. Their programs include, Anti-Asian Violence & Race Relations, emergency preparedness, health issues, and many more (Asian Justice). Other organizations include Yellow Face, Asian Law Caucus, Asian Nation and others (National Resources).

Every problem in this world must have they own resolution. Problems need to be brought to closure and not be left hanging without a solution. We had seen a couple of organization working towards this problem. One of the actions is the campaign that had been done by the Asian American Justice Center. They conduct classes to taught adult English, watch out for lawsuit that is showing injustice to all Asian American (Asian Justice). School in Philadelphia have switch staffs and strictly prohibited racism in the school. Assaults involving Asian students have now been acknowledged and it was a forbidden act that will not be repeated. Parents, teachers and students that had been harassed all gathered and talk about these problems together (Miller). This is a very clever solution, where everyone then could work together to bring an end to these racial issues.

Cases involving the racial assault toward Asian American are a definitely tremendous problems. These problems have now gone too far, and a proper settlement is needed to stop this complication. Unresolved matter like this will only drag people deeper to the hole. Numbers of cases involving racism will just keep on piling up. People who are hurt and is living in fear will be forced to do that longer. If we don’t stop this mess then it will keep on entangling people in it. We can help and fix this problem. We can fight it back, and we can then one day shout freedom right at the ears of those Asian American.

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