After the Civil Rights Movement, you would think that things with racism and unfairness would not be as big of an issue. There was a lot of events that involved racism as well as minorities being treated unfairly. One example is the KKK. The KKK is still around today especially in Harrison, Arkansas. They aren’t as active, but they still have a radio station and offensive signs leading into town. There was marches and laws passed. Martin Luther King Jr was also assassinated during all of these events.

One particular example happened in 1964. It was the Freedom Summer and the “Mississippi Burning” Murders. This took place in June of 1964. The event was to encourage white students to travel to Mississippi to help build schools for black children. It all started when three young me went missing coming back from a trip. One of the boys was a black Mississippi native. The FBI got involved making the case have a code name called the “Mississippi Burning”.

They found the boy’s bodies burned to death. This an example of overt racial discrimination because you really don’t hear much about it. I didn’t know about it until I read it. It’s racial discrimination because it was some people of the white supremacists who killed them.

However, they didn’t arrest them because of there wasn’t enough evidence or anyone who wanted to fight the case. Racism was a big feature in this because most of us know how much white supremacists dislike African Americans or even minorities.

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This all started because of the KKK. Later that same year, they finally got an all-white jury and they found majority of defendants guilty. However, they didn’t serve much time behind bars. I think this was because the judge didn’t want to make a big deal about it all, but it is a big deal.

Even though, they didn’t have serious sentences this was the first time someone was convicted of a crime against a civil rights worker. I think this shows that minorities were not treated fairly and still were not free. They have had almost the same rights white people did, but black people still did and still do have to face backlash because of their background and skin color. This example shows how black people were treated even after the “I Have a Dream Speech”. Could it because white people were afraid their power would be taken away or was it because they didn’t think black people should have the same rights as them? If there was never slavery in the world, I wonder how things would be. I feel like most people would get a long better and that black and whites might get a long better. This example displays how there is still people out there who can not stand minorities or other races.

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