Racial Profiling: A Threat to the People and the State Essay

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Racial Profiling: A Threat to the People and the State

We are all guilty of prejudice. At one point in our lives, we branded ourselves as well as other people and judge them with neither prior nor sufficient evidence. Prejudice is a practice of labeling people according to race, age, gender, weight, ethnicity and a lot more characteristics. Recently, the Amnesty International of United States of America (AIUSA) released its complete report about Racial Profiling in 2004. The report expressed that racial profiling has been a major threat in racial communities in the United States as the country widely practice racial profiling (Amnesty International USA, 2010).

I highly agree and believe on the intensity and prevalence of the problem of racial profiling in the United States and around the world, especially after the terrorist attack in September 11, 2001. I agree mainly because United States has a long and rich history of racism and discrimination of various race and ethnicity. It all started when the Whites or the Americans think of their race superior than the others. After the attack, Americans despised or become more suspicious on people from the Arab descent.

This is an example of prejudice as it is defined as “a preconceived negative judgment of a group and its individual members. ” (Author, Year, 308). Some of the misconception as well as biases were not completely terminated and still manifest in the state laws as well as national laws. These state laws that practice racial profiling have become threats to the security and welfare of the people as well as to the national security.

It has become a threat to the people, especially to those who are innocent and it becomes a threat to the national security as criminals or the real perpetrators of the crime can easily execute the crime and flee because the attention of law enforcers is focused on the stereotypical profile of the person they suspected. Reference Amnesty International USA. (2010). Threat and Humiliation: Racial Profiling, National Security, and Human Rights in the United States. Retrieved from http://www. amnestyusa. org/us-human-rights/other/rp-report—-threat-and-humiliation/page. do? id=1106664.

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