Racial Or Nationality Subcultures Cultural Studies Essay

In any society there are non merely cultures, but besides a assortment of subculture and countercultures that develop within society. Subcultures and countercultures are formed by generalisations, business, category, life style, likes, disfavors, etc. [ 1 ]

Basically subculture is a group of people that belong to larger civilization but differentiate from that. In early 1950s, there has been a differentiation between an recognized bulk manner and a ‘subculture ‘ as an active minority manner. Dick Hebdige knock that a subculture is corruption to normalcy.

Subcultures have a nature of unfavorable judgment and can be perceived as negative. Subcultures get together those persons who feel neglected and let them to develop a sense of individuality. [ 2 ]

A sociological term used to depict the values and norms of behaviour of a cultural group is term as counterculture.In counterculture a group whose behaviour deviates from the social norm. Although distinguishable countercultural undertones have existed in many societies, here the term refers to a more important, seeable phenomenon that reaches critical mass and persists for a period of clip.

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It is of import to separate between “ counterculture, ” and “ subculture ” . [ 3 ]


A subculture is a group of persons that do portion some qualities that the bulk of society portion, but the group has its ain values, beliefs, norms, behaviour, etc. Subcultures tend to be created when society endures jobs or enjoys common privileges. Most persons within a subculture have common involvements and beliefs.A

Types of subcultureA

Following are the major types of subculture.

Organizational Culture

A type of subculture that allows members to hold solidarity, community, and societal relationships that influence single behaviour.

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It is the manner an organisation trades with the environment.A

A Counterculture

It is a type of subculture that wholly disregards society ‘s norms and values and creates new ones.A They tend to develop when people will non conform to the mainstream.A They have their ain beliefs, jobs with cultural integrating, and have their ain stuff civilization. [ 1 ]

Racial or nationality subcultures

These subcultures tend to change in their values, aspiration and beliefs which get reflected in their ingestion precedences, spend save forms, purchase behaviour, usage of recognition, societal traditions and imposts etc.Nowadays multiracial societies like America comprised of citizens who come from different nationalities or belong to different races.

Religious subcultures:

Most societies of the universe today consist of people subscribing to different faiths, which may differ in their beliefs, values and imposts. The spiritual subgroups may follow different usage, have of import rites of transition ( like birth, matrimony and decease ) performed in different ways and have different festivals. [ 4 ]

Antagonistic civilization vs. Sub civilization

“ Counterculture can be defined as a group whose behaviour deviates from the social norm. It is different to the mainstream civilization in their political relations, norms, societal beliefs, and manner of frock and societal constructions ” . ( or )

“ A antagonistic civilization is one that reacts against the prevalent civilization in topographic point ” .

Example: Throughout the last century illustrations of counterculture might be the suffragettes, the green motion, polygamists and women’s rightists, hood motion and the ill-famed hippy counterculture motion of the sixtiess, are formed and exist to oppose the dominant civilization.

All of these counter civilizations have specific beliefs and values that cause societal alteration.

Counter civilizations are big motions that cause societal alteration.

Counter civilizations are against mainstream civilization. [ 5 ]

Members of a counterculture come together around their desire to reject motions within the larger, dominant civilization.

While members have this resistance in common, they may non portion spiritual or political associations, similar socioeconomic state of affairss, or values.

Countercultures can be both negative and positive.

They can besides go larger when more people are involved and absorb into the mainstream merely as subcultures in general have this possible. [ 6 ]

Biker Gangs, drug users, calling felons, captives, and terrorists have in common that they all have negative perceptual experiences from society and are countercultures. [ 7 ]


“ A sub civilization can hold its ain beliefs, norms and values, but they are by and large able to be within mainstream civilization ” .

Their beliefs or mode of being may be different plenty to do them stand out, but they are non at odds with society.

Subculture is a civilization shared and actively participated in by a minority of people within a broader civilization.

Examples: bomber civilizations might be Goths, emos, surfies, homies etc. Hebrews and Tea Party members are both illustrations of subcultures in the U.S. While the Judaic subculture is based around shared spiritual values, the Tea Party motion was chiefly founded around dissatisfaction with the political position.

Sub civilizations tend to besides portion common involvements and experience.

Sub civilizations can be within mainstream civilization. [ 5 ]

Sub civilizations are united by common aesthetics, involvements and experience.

Subcultures are typical sections of the larger civilization of a part or society that are marked by shared involvements in music or cultural phenomena, rank in a specific cultural or spiritual group, or shared socioeconomic position.

While some subcultures exist in contradistinction to the society ‘s dominant civilization, others exist harmoniously within it.

Subcultures incorporate big parts of the broader civilizations of which they are portion, but in particulars they may differ radically.

Subcultures bring together like-minded persons who feel neglected by social criterions and let them to develop a sense of individuality.

Subcultures can be typical because of the age, ethnicity, category, location, and/or gender of the members. [ 6 ]

The qualities that determine a subculture as distinct may be lingual, aesthetic, spiritual, political, sexual, geographical or a combination of factors.

They surely play an of import function in any single life and aid to explicate how each individual develops a frame of mention. [ 7 ]

Everybody has their ain perceptual experiences on society, values, and life in general. Valuess, attitudes, gestures, and countenances tend to stem from the dominant civilization in one ‘s life.

Throughout the dominant civilization that a individual spends his or her clip in larning and altering through different experiences many subcultures have developed.

Subcultures allow people, who portion similar involvements to absorb, socialise, gives them a sense of belonging and family among peers.A [ 8 ]


Countercultures and subcultures both identify themselves in apposition to the dominant civilization of a society.

Members normally dress and behave in different ways than mean citizens of a society and are normally identifiable by their different visual aspects.


Culture is made up of an merger of subcultures. So, a individual subculture is a little section of the larger civilization, which is normally defined by shared socioeconomic position or a common cultural involvement.

A counterculture, on the other manus, is defined by their resistance to the dominant civilization. A member of a counterculture may oppose the prevailing cultures values. Or, it could merely oppose certain sections of the civilization, or certain subcultures.

A subculture is differs somewhat from the dominant civilization in a society, while a counterculture opposes the civilization or subculture itself. [ 6 ]

Literature reappraisal

Dick Hebdige argued that a subculture is corruption to normalcy. Subcultures tend to be perceived as negative and have a nature of unfavorable judgment. [ 9 ]

Harmonizing to Hebdige, subcultures are really an alternate and reconfiguration of the dominant civilizations. As his all really brief mentions to black and West Indian civilizations suggest that he considers these civilizations to be transplanted dominant civilizations within British society. This deceit raises the inquiry of whether cultural groups or minorities fit into Hebdige ‘s impression of what constitutes either a parent civilization or subculture. [ 10 ]

Harmonizing to Wolfgang & A ; Ferracuti, subculture is “ a normative system of some group or groups smaller than the whole society ” .This “ implies that there are value judgements or a societal value system which is apart from and a portion of a cardinal value system ” . But a subculture is merely partially different from the larger civilization, and can non be wholly different from the civilization of which it is a portion ; otherwise it is what Wolfgang called contra civilization. This implies that the subculture has some major values in common with the dominant parent civilization.

The transmittal of sub cultural values involves a acquisition procedure that establishes a dynamic permanent linkage between the values and the persons.But besides of import to Wolfgang ‘s subculture of force theory is the impression that people may be born into a subculture.

They argue that the black subculture really values force and that it is “ an built-in constituent of the subculture which experiences high rates of homicide ” . Just as the dominant society punishes those who deviate from its norms, aberrance by the relatively non-violent person from the norms of the violent subculture is similarly punished, either by being ostracized, or treated with contempt or indifference. Besides, the more a individual is integrated into this subculture, “ the more intensely he embraces its prescriptions of behaviour, its behavior norms, and integrates them into his personality ” .

The subculture of force theory might be even more relevant today than it was when it was foremost published, particularly with respect to juvenile offense. It seems to be a common fright that striplings today are more violent and missing in empathy than those of merely a coevals or two ago.

Parker ( 1989 ) unfavorable judgment of the black subculture of force theoretical account are many:

First, the usage of planetary indexs depicting an full category of people, Southerners or inkinesss, assumes that these communities are homogenous in values and life style, an premise that is clearly false for any group every bit big as these groups. Second, peculiarly in the instance of inkinesss, it entails an inexplicit dyslogistic indictment of urban minority occupants and communities, which is unjust and racialist in nature. Finally this attack ignores the function of institutionalised racism itself in bring forthing a nexus between force and racial composing.

Wolfgang ‘s subculture of force theory has had its portion of critics. Erlanger ( 1974 ) , Parker ( 1989 ) , Shihadeh and Steffensmeier ( 1994 ) , are merely a few of the research workers who have failed to happen the theory utile in explicating sub cultural force. Other writers have found that the sub-culture of force theory is a utile theoretical account, peculiarly when it is used along with other theories Benedict and Baron. Kennedy and Baron call for such an integrative attack, and assert that frequently, different theories may complement one another. Finally, still other research workers continue to trust upon the theoretical account. 11 ]

Scholars differ in the features and specificity they attribute to “ counterculture ” . Counterculture might oppose aggregate civilization, A or middle-class civilization and values. Counterculture is sometimes conceptualized in footings of generational struggle and rejection of older or grownup values.

It typically involves unfavorable judgment or rejection of presently powerful establishments, with attach toing hope for a better life or a new society.

Countercultures tend to top out, and so travel into diminution, go forthing a permanent impact on mainstream cultural values. Their life rhythms include stages of rejection, growing, partial credence and soaking up into the mainstream.

Harmonizing to Sheila Whiteley, “ recent developments in sociological theory complicate and problematize theories developed in the sixtiess, with digital engineering, for illustration, supplying an drift for new apprehensions of counterculture ” . Andy Bennett writes that “ despite the theoretical statements that can be raised against the sociological value of counterculture as a meaningful term for categorising societal action, likeA subculture, the term lives on as a construct in societal andA cultural theory to go portion of a received, mediated memory ” . [ 12 ]


The term counter-culture is non wholly an equal manner of depicting all of the alterations that took topographic point for several grounds: some alterations were a patterned advance of events throughout the century, other alterations were due to scientific finds which have ever produced new thoughts and ways of looking at the universe, and many alterations can be better described as motions or political orientations. [ 14 ]

Subcultures allow people, who portion similar involvements to absorb, socialise, gives them a sense of belonging and family among peers.A

Sub cultural surveies frequently involve participant-observation, and may diversely stress sociological, anthropological, or semiotic analysis in order to turn to the organisation and production of relational, stuff, and symbolic constructions and systems. [ 15 ]


Healthy sub-cultures portion leaderships ‘ conceptualisations of how undertakings should be accomplished ; how employees can progress and take on greater duty ; how employees interact with each other ; the ways in which alteration is accepted and accomplished ; and how new cognition is acquired and perpetuated.

Distinct, healthy sub-cultures are organizationally aligned in their apprehension of how they must execute to bring forth successful and acceptable consequences and results.

Leaderships actively seeking to act upon their organisation ‘s civilization must see sub-cultures.

The major point here is to do certain that you are incorporating and associating your sub-cultures into the broader, intended cultural aims.

Accept and surrogate productive sub-cultures while systematically pass oning how employees must execute in order for the organisation to be successful. [ 13 ]

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