Racial Issues in the 17th Century Essay

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Racial Issues in the 17th Century

Racial Issues in the 17th Century
During the 17th century, colonialism led to the development of both the social, racial and political institutions. An example is the act of slavery, especially in the second society, after the emergence of the first society from Asia. The first society settled in the present day Alaska.

Up to date, it is not yet known how most of the black Americans that were taken from Africa to the United States of America as slaves settled. In his book, “The Society Must be Defended (1978-1979)”, Michael Foucault managed to get the history and politics of the struggle of race and how the reign of the famous Louis XIV came to a halt. He also discusses how the three societies came into contact, and how they came to agree on one agenda. This was after a long period.

He stresses on how slavery, being the major trade, took its roots in the whole world. He also discusses how they have been living on the landmass of USA for a period of more than twelve hundred years before coming to one agenda. This was before civilization among the Sumerians and Mesopotamians took its roots. There are beliefs of how the first people settled in North America and how they were differentiated from one another. Many of the archaeologists throughout the world believed that the first people did not come to North America because of fame, fortune or freedom.

They came simply because they were hungry and wanted the best for their families (Selections from CQ Researcher, 2010) The first people crossed the sea from Asia and settled in today’s known Alaska. There are evidences that show how they settled. They worked for thousands of years through the immense glacier and managed to settle in now called the United States of America. They settled there, performed their cultural rights, and intermarried with the third society of the European settlers.

What made the first people different from other people and tribes was their cultural beliefs, their mode of dressing and their rights of passage. The second society of people was of the Africans who were sold to the new world as slaves. The first people who settled in the United States of America forced them into slavery. What differentiated them from the first people was how they were treated and the roles they played in the society. The tale of slavery was on the contact of hunger, diseases and death. The three contacts related in a broad perspective.

Most of the slaves would go hungry for days. Some would die because of hunger. This was a hugely heart-wrenching factor because they would be thrown to the deep seas after they had died. There was also the spread of diseases that also led to the death of many African slaves. This was because of how they were placed in enclosed rooms for days while naked both male and female. Some of the diseases were airborne while others were transmitted through sexual intercourse.

After a lot of struggle through slavery, the first society and the second society intermarried. This now brought the new society of the United States of America where equal rights and privileges are practiced. The society is now considered as one. Some people moved to the Europe where they settled and intermarried with other tribes (Bergad & Klein, 2010).

After the era of slavery, Columbus took his root in the European empire. Europe engaged in an experience that lasted for centuries before 1492. Some of the experiences that were encountered were the ethnic groups of America, colonization and explorations of the continents of America. This was in collaboration with the slave trade as the white settlers of Europe were the first people to initiate the act of the slave trade. Through the reign of Christopher Columbus, Spain came to be.

The European-Americans regarded their first voyage, in the year 1492, as the discovery of America. This is in relation to the first society as they came from the continents of Asia and Europe and settled in America. In the process of settling, they faced hostility from the original inhabitants known as the red Indians. The European Americans under the leadership of Christopher Columbus managed to overthrow them because of their powerful weapons.

They dominated the whole of America and developed it to the present USA. Through their invasion, intermarriage and slave trade took place. Columbus described this as the discovery of the Americans.

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