Racial Inequality On American Society

Main argument: For a long time, many people believed that America was built on the basis of freedom, democracy and equal rights, and America also claimed to be founded on the theory of liberalism. But the fact that white supremacy, the racial divide in higher education, the stagnation of upward mobility, and the growing inequality show that 50 years after the end of the civil rights movement, American society remains hierarchical, xenophobic, and resistant to change.

Racism, though long notorious and reviled, is still alive and well in America.

Slavery in the United States ended with the Lincoln proclamation and the civil war, but segregation continued for nearly a hundred years until the civil rights movement and legislation enacted under President Johnson. Explicit racial discrimination was abandoned by the mainstream society because of ‘political incorrectness’, but all kinds of implicit racial discrimination never disappeared. The ‘racial categorization’ of blacks by white police officers has been criticized by African Americans and white liberals.

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Especially in recent years, with the profound changes in American politics and society, racists who have been on the edge of society for a long time have begun to openly express their appeals and show their faces in public. The election and administration of trump have even inspired white supremacists.

Reality tells us that, contrary to the ‘American dream’ that some people claim and advocate, under the surface of ‘democratic freedom’, there is widespread, growing and inevitable racial discrimination, social injustice and poverty in the United States.

Racial inequality is Severe in the Job Market

According to the French ‘Liberation’ report, there is still discrimination in the US job market, and African Americans have fewer jobs than American whites with the same diploma.

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According to the report, according to a survey conducted by a US investigation center, the US job market discriminates against African-Americans even if they graduate from a prestigious school. In a speech at the commemoration of the Selma Civil Rights Parade, Obama pointed out that racial discrimination in American history is still on the black Americans. Despite the achievements of the United States in combating racial discrimination, inequality between white Americans and blacks still exists, especially in the job market.

The National Institute of Education published a study in Social Forces that pointed out that African-Americans with a prestigious university degree had the same interview opportunities as American whites with relatively low diplomas. The US Insider’s Insider website points out that students who graduate from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Duke University are more likely to find good jobs with high salaries. However, depending on the skin color of the job seeker, the job opportunities are not the same.

A white student with a prestigious college degree will receive at least one interview opportunity in six resumes; for a black job applicant with the same diploma, at least eight resumes will be required to receive a response. For students who are not graduates from prestigious universities, inequality still exists. White students receive a response for each of their 9 resumes, while black students will receive a response for 15 resumes. The survey also pointed out that even if African-Americans are employed, they are also in low-paying jobs, and their monthly salary is about $3,000 lower than that of white students.

Racial Inequality in Education

The education system in the United States today has enormous problems. Although there is no legal separation of white black schools, American public schools still have schools with more blacks and more whites. Which school the student attends is determined by the residential address.

Whether in rural or urban areas, most blacks in the United States are still concentrated in poor areas. In the United States, most of the funds for kilometers of schools come from the state government. The state government allocates school funds in a way that is unequal, but is based on local government taxes. Beverly Hills, a famous wealthy district in California, has an average family income of $190,000 a year. In places with high incomes, the government collects taxes is also high, so Beverly Hills kilometers school is rich in funds and belongs to the best schools in the country. Not far from Beverly Hills, Compton is a typical black concentration area in Los Angeles, with an average family income of $45,000. The local tax collection is low, and the Compton kilometers school funds are really low. Schools that lack funds have a poor environment and can’t hire a good teacher. No wonder so many students don’t get a good education. If you don’t get a good education, you can’t find a good job and you can’t make money. Residents, local governments, and schools are still poor, forming a cycle of evil.

University Admission Ethnic Issues

In recent years, education equal rights and ethnic quotas have caused more and more controversy. Harvard University is accused of discriminating against Asian applicants in the admission process, and is still awaiting federal judges’ judgments. For the same reason, North Carolina University Chapel Hill is being sued. According to the Pew Research Center’s poll on the 25th, 73% of Americans believe that universities should not consider racial factors in enrollment. According to polls, 19% of Americans believe that ethnicity should be one of the secondary criteria for schools to make admissions decisions, and only 7% believe this should be an important factor. As for what should be the primary consideration in college admissions, Pew gave eight options in the survey. As a result, 67% of people believe that high school grades should be the most important, followed by SAT and other standard test scores, community service experience. Race ranks second to last in overall importance rankings, only above gender. Regardless of the ethnic group of respondents, more than half of the people who oppose the university’s consideration of racial factors. According to reports, from the perspective of education level, the more educated people, the more support the university considers racial factors – at least as a secondary factor. From a political perspective, Republican supporters are more opposed to racial considerations.[footnoteRef:1] [1: Most Americans say colleges should not consider race or ethnicity in admissions.

Blacks are More Likely to be Treated Unfairly by the Police

The United States is one of the countries with a high crime rate in the world. It is a fact that black violent crime rates are generally higher than other ethnic groups. In the 20 years from 1977 to 1998, the United States sentenced 5,709 prisoners to death, of which 41% were black. According to statistics in 2000, although blacks accounted for only 12.5% ​​of the national population, 47% of prisoners were black, more than other ethnic groups and ethnic groups. White racists often use this as a reason to degrade and persecute blacks. There are many reasons for black crimes. The most important reason is that the black education is low and the family structure is loose. They live in the downtown area where the population of large and medium-sized cities with high crime rates is concentrated. The people who go to church are less than the whites. The level of people is low. It should be said that this is caused by social factors and objective factors. This is a well-known fact. And not all blacks have a tendency to violence, and most of them have no connection with crime. At the same time, there are also a few black people in the American society. However, in the United States, the scene of white police beating black people is well known. Many of the black victims who were beaten were not criminals but citizens who were mistakenly beaten. These incidents are caused by racial prejudice and discrimination.

Since the 2014 Ferguson Brown case, there have been public incidents in the United States where high-profile police have shot and killed African-Americans, sparking public protests. The 2014 Ferguson Brown case and the 2015 Baltimore case also triggered national protests, and even riots in Baltimore and other places. . The endless stream of shooting African-American incidents has also directly promoted the Black Lives Matter campaign, which has emerged throughout the United States and has become one of the most concerned social issues in the United States.[footnoteRef:2] [2: What Happened in Ferguson?


The development of the United States is inseparable from the ethnic minorities that make up American society. However, from the perspective of different colors and different cultures leading to unfair treatment, the minority race does not belong to this American society that has always advocated freedom and equality. Today, some ethnic minorities demand equality and justice has been achieved, but unfortunately, poverty, prejudice and injustice still exist. How to fundamentally improve the unfair status and status of blacks and other minorities is a fundamental problem in American society. However, this big issue has not yet mentioned the agenda of the US government and political parties. Of course, we cannot see the hope of resolution. Even the US government has to admit that racism, racial discrimination and de facto apartheid in the United States, and the inequalities faced by minorities remain one of the most serious and unsolvable challenges in the United States. However, we remain convinced that a society that can deal with racial discrimination such as inequality and prejudice in a fair and humane manner will not only bring peace and prosperity to itself but also to other countries and the world.

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