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Racial Ideology of Americas

In the period from 1500 to 1830, racial stereotypes were popular in the regions of Latin America/Caribbean and The United States And Canada and they had a significant effect on society, specifically societies with multiple ethnic cultures. The racial ideologies of these areas can be seen through the treatment of native peoples and the treatment of servants. Nevertheless, because of the strong influence of differing European countries, and their varying standards, contrasting social results can be seen.

When the Europeans found and settled the “New World” and Latin America their ideology of European dominance and superiority had a direct effect on the locals of these areas.

In The United States and Canada, the Native Americans were often oppressed or forced to reside on a confined piece of land. The Europeans would often develop treaties with the Native Americans on where there territorial boundaries were and where the inhabitants were not permitted to intrude.

The European federal governments did not impose this, so eventually all of these treaties were broken.

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This reveals that the Europeans did not concern the locals claims to the land as legitimate which they did not have any rights to the land. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the natives were enslaved and required into bondage and labor. The dominant European racial ideology likewise fueled the slave trade in both North America and Latin America.

The slave trade focused on servant ships that would transport masses of Africans to the nests to increase productions. The slave trade grew in the durations from 1500 to 1830 because servants became less expensive to buy then hiring indentured servants who would work just a specific quantity of years and after that be complimentary when their financial obligation was paid off where as a slave is kept for life, unless they are offered.

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The servants were purchased, sold, and treated like home, not people.

The colonists, were those who traveled from Europe to the Americas or those born in America who had come from European descent implemented the total colonization of North America and Latin America and the Caribbean. The colonies in North America were predominantly British and had a desire to become like their mother country. This united the colonists and so they did not discriminate against each other like they discriminated against the Native Americans and African slaves.

This contrasts the predominantly Spanish dominated colonies because they had no sense of unity. The Spanish racial ideology prompted those in power, the royal sangres azules, and the commoners, translated into discrimination within the colonist populations. The colonists born in Spain were considered better than those who born in Americas, even if you came two fully Spanish parents. Those who were of “mixed blood” , who were children of native and Spanish parents were even lower.

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Racial Ideology of Americas

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