Racial formation Essay

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Racial formation

Overview for the final paper on racial formation in the United State After reading many articles in different themes in this class, I have to say that Racial Formation in the United States captured my attention. Coming from Congo, I had another way of perception about class and race. Surly the different background that I had on how to categorize people in a particular class based on their skin color changed slightly when I moved in the US.

However, one thing that did not or I may say never occurred to me, was to think even once that race could also be viewed as someone’s social class. To me social class was limited or based on someone’s education, place of birth, income made, and country or city of origin. So this article really did stimulate my curiosity on looking into different way that race can play a big role into defining someone’s social class. That is the reason why I am going to write about the theorist Michael Omi in how he argues about race and social class.

To me Michael Omi with is theory of concept about race and Identity did get me to think a little more out of my box. I do hope that it was the case for anyone who had the opportunity to read this article. I do believe that the work of this author is relevant and have a big impact into communication matter. Moreover, I came across few of his material such as Asian American and A Critical Reeder that were used by others Wu, J. , Lee, R. , Okhiro, G. , Zia, H. , Eng, D. , Han, S. , … & Ancheta, A. (2010).

Asian American Studies Now: A Critical Reader. J. Y. W. S. Wu, & T. Chen (Eds. ). Rutgers University Press. His theory has an impact in communication because his way of re framing how race is viewed in the US has more impact because he came across it from a different angle. The same thing with most of his arguments. The way he does it makes people think and talk or communicate with more awareness and knowledge. Most of the time we the society tend to view things only from the superficial side, and not consider the cores of the situation.

Michael argument gives us the grasped on the problem. Omi, M. (1997). Racial identity and the state: The dilemmas of classification. Law & Ineq. , 15, 7. Omi, M. (2008). Asian-Americans: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being?. Chronicle of Higher Education, 55(5). Luke, C. , & Luke, A. (1999). Theorizing interracial families and hybrid identity: An Australian perspective. Educational Theory, 49(2), 223-249. Thomas, N. (1994). Colonialism’s culture. Polity Press.

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