Racial disparity Essay

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Racial disparity

Prevalence of racial disparity in the criminal justice system is most troubling and critical problem for criminal justice executives as it directly affects the people. The safety and liberty of American people depend on integrity of American justice system but racial discrimination in the criminal justice system impairs this integrity, which in turn harms American people directly. So this is the most critical dilemma facing the criminal justice system managers at present.

The causes of this racial discrimination are both subtle and intricate and are not easy to locate. However it is obvious that fault does not lie with American criminal laws but these are implemented in a manner that is substantially and pervasively biased. Certain factors external to American criminal laws like personal discretion, natural proclivity and mental approach of the people that responsible to implement these laws, also collaborate rendering distortion of these laws.

This institutional materialization of racial discrimination in the justice system is the most critical people predicament facing mangers of American criminal justice system. Although certain legal reform has been suggested by various sector but past history manifests that criminal justice manager cannot simply legislate to put an end to this problem. Some concrete measure should be undertaken by criminal justice manager to solve this problem rather than redefining criminal justice system.

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