Racial Discrimination Against People of Color by the American Police Force

It is not a law full act to judge someone just by his color. In united stated, we have seen many times that block or Hispanic people have harassed by law enforcement officers even some of them were innocents. Although it is true that some of the block people are involve with crime but we cannot deny that white people also involve with some of the crime. But, in United States, block people are profiling most of the time by law enforcement offices.

For instance, Kennedy says in his essay that many law enforcement officials consider racial profiling to be an essential weapon in the war on crim. However he also says "individuals should be judged by public authorities on the basis of their own conduct and not the basis of racial generalization. For instance, Kennedy says in his article that "if a young white man with blue hair robs me, the police should certainly be able to use description of the perpetrator race.

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" United States government directly involve with racism. For instance, Amite etzioni says in his essay that if he marked a box labeled "other" that he was simply assigned to a racial category. However, we know that "treating people differently according to their race is as un-American as a hereditary aristocracy, and as American as slavery. However, the national ideal says that all Americans should be able to compete as equal but we have seen much discrimination in united stated against Hispanic and African American. For instance, Amite mention in his essay that "discrimination remains very much with us".

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He also mention that “a 1990 urban institute study found that when two people of deferent races applied for the same job, one in eight times the white was offered the job and an equally qualified African American was not". In addition, one of my friends told me that he was driving on Springfield; he heard sirens and saw blue lights flashing in his rearview mirror.

A police officer pulled him over because he was block. The police officer proceeded to search his car and told him that they are looking a drug dealer. In fact, economical discrimination is daily basis in United States against minorities. For example, the closing of factories has had an especially severe impact on African American workers, a large percentage of whom are concentrated in industry. In the latest recession Black workers were the only segment of the work-force to experience a net job loss. Complicating the racist pattern in layoffs are new company- imposed literacregulations, which have resulted in further layoffs of Black workers who avoided layoffs by having sufficient seniority.

Unablorkers have been forced out of their jobs in large numbers, even in the steel industry, where the consent decrees of the 1970so have less plant-wide seniority. However, Amite mention again in his essay that Government should give extra aid for college admission to poor people. He also said that African American and Hispanic people should get more government benefit such as housing allowances, small business loans and scholarship. There is not upper mobility in the United States. Another word, it is nearly impossible to move up to the upper class society from lower class. In fact, only rich white people send their children's to the better school.

For example, one report indicated that 41 percent of white youths could receive higher education while the rate for youth Latin Americans was only 22 percent. That is why; Amite mentioned that "only 40 percent of blocks in grades three through eight scored at grade level. "In fact, government needs to act now and have to give opportunity to the minorities to accomplish their goals. Moreover, Amite stated in end of his article that government should distribute assets and income for people. One way the government can eliminate the rasism from United States by just giving more financial aid to the Hispanic and African Americans. Racial discrimination is discouraged by both the law and morality. But, in truth, we are witnessing in much discrimination against minority. African American people are the first person to be criminal to the consideration of police officer if any incident happens. In fact, government should have given equal opportunity to the minority to move up to the upper level.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022
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Racial Discrimination Against People of Color by the American Police Force essay
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