Racial Discrimination Essay

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Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination involves treating someone unfavorably because he/she is of a certain race or because of personal characteristics associated with race such as skin color. Race here can mean that people belong to different countries, castes or different geographical regions within a country. It is unlawful to harass a person because of that person’s race or color. Harassment can include offensive or derogatory remarks about a person’s race or color, or unfair treatment due to differences in race. Racial discrimination has existed for eons now and while we’d like to believe that it has reduced or is non-existent in the society we live in today, the fact of the matter is that it still exists and can be felt in different facets of the society even today. Mahatma Gandhi was a victim of racial discrimination years ago in Africa because he was an Indian despite the fact that he was a very well educated professional lawyer.

He was thrown out of a train at midnight merely because he was an Indian. We, Indians, faced cruel and intense racial discrimination in our very own country at the hands of the Britishers only because we were Indians ! Racial discrimination prevailed at every step and every part while the British ruled us. Indians were not allowed to share the same space with Britishers. “Dogs and Indians” not allowed…well that is the kind of injustice Indians faced at the hands of the Britishers. There were schools where Indians were not allowed, In offices, Indians could never get to the top ranks and even at social gatherings, Britishers would not allow Indians entry. What’s ironic is that we still suffer the aftermath of this racial discrimination even 60 years after independence…we still believe that it’s a priviledge to be fair skinned….companies in India make millions selling fairness creams not just for women, but even men ! This is not all.

We have created and still live by the caste system which leads to discrimination on various accounts. Discrimination also exists due to people belonging to different states or geographies within our country. Racial discrimination has been the worst against the Dark skinned or Blacks as we know them in the Western world. The likes of Nelson Mandela have fought hard against it but it still exists today. God made us all the same. The blood that runs in our bodies is the same. Our brains think alike and our hearts feel the same too then why have we created a demon like racial discrimination, which even after years of education and civilization, we can’t get rid of ? Let Us, the future of this country pledge that we would free our minds and souls and never be a part of racial discrimination in any way. Thank You !

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