Race and Ethnicity: The Shadow of Hate

In the video The Shadow of Hate the Indians did not have the same rights as the ‘white men’. The informational video had shown the descrimination, hate, and prejudice and the ‘Quakers’ were beaten, forced to work and become slaves. Those people were hated because of either their race or their religion, and were denied the right of American rights because they were Japanese.

The Americans during this century did not like the Japanese and thought that they did not belong in America and they did not want them to have the same rights that they achieved.

There are many different types of people that are shown in this video of how they all were treated by the white people because of who they are and who they were not.

The information given stated during a scene where Thomas Jefferson stated in the declaration of independence that ‘ All men are treated equal’, but he did not follow through with his word.

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Thomas believed that the people of race were not superior to the white people of color. He, as well, owned slaves. The Europeans felt the need to move into American territory, where they had thought that they would have the equal amount of rights like the white people had.

The ‘Superior whites’’ believed that people who were different from them, like race and religion, were supposed to be treated differently. Due to this, people who were different from them were discriminated against, treated unfairly, harassed, and some of those people were forced into becoming slaves.

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Those people were stripped from their rights that they had and were treated so poorly and had to live in the worst conditions.

The minority group in the video is the ‘superior white’ group and they think that they are more dominant and have more rights just because they think that they are only the ‘normal people’ that only deserve equal rights instead of the people of color and religious beliefs. An example of this, is when the Native Americans moved into American Territory in hopes of a better life but instead they were forced off their land by white people and forced to become slaves just because they were different and not the same color as the ‘superior group’.

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