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Race and Ethnicity: Careers Service

When Career Services Providers are providing Clients with services, the author of Chapter 6 assisted its readers in understanding the significance of our Multicultural Populations. The author’s stance on self-awareness as being an important core of multicultural competence lends itself to the fact that if we are to be able to help clients from diverse and multicultural backgrounds we have to understand our belief system.

We would need to examine our personal world views and multicultural competence relative to our own knowledge, awareness, and skills about our own culture as well as that of others.

(Pages 6-2 thru 6-4). The author wanted us to practice multicultural awareness, and he illustrated that by asking us to use the first person when we are addressing someone with a disability and extending this to a person who is of a diverse population.

The author went on to explain in detail the 5 Race Groups:

  • American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Asian
  • Black or African American
  • Caucasian or White
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

And the difference in the term race and ethnicity, race is the physical genetic traits shared by a group of people while ethnicity is a learned behavior shared by a group of people.

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The author also identified other Groups Significantly represented in America, the one that I identified with was the Baby Boomersand yes we do consider ourselves as being special.

The author wanted to stir up the much heated debate on the controversial issue of Women in the Workforce, and I am glad h/she didI believe that the more we talk about an issue the more others are educated on the need to act on it.

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(Page 6-5 thru). The author’s unique work devoted to explaining culturally appropriate strategies to use when addressing our multicultural clients with competence is an ongoing process.

As with anything that is new with us, practice makes perfect, therefore, I enjoy being challenged by the two Videos we were ask to reference on. I learned something new about the work that Attorney Bryan Stevenson is doing and read more on the work that Krishnan’s is currently doing.

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