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Race and Ethnicity Essay

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Race and racial issues are all around us. Nobody can sneak behind a curtain, or tuck themselves away in a dark room to avoid this; there isn’t a way to escape racism. Our day to day lives are filled with stereotypes and overgeneralizations that make us think and judge the wrong way. We weren’t born into a race or into a category, but rather into a large melting pot. As Tim Wise said, majority of cops when asked “What would you assume about a Black or Latino male who lives in a shady neighborhood and has a nice, new car?

” would respond “those men are more than likely drug dealers” just because of their race, when in fact, when compared to Black and Latino males, White males are four times more likely to be in possession of drugs at the time of an arrest.

Our founders did not want this to be the case. Abraham Lincoln fought to end slavery and abolish the inequality between Human Beings, not guide us in to thinking the color of our skin shapes us and the opinions we create for others based on their “race”.

Can you believe that ninety-four percent of White Americans believe that racial problems are a small issue like not being able to find the match to your shoe, whereas the other six percent are fully aware that this is a huge controversial issue? Those people who believe racism has dwindled down that much need to have an eye opener. Majority of “White Americans” are the ones who stereotype and categorize those of a different skin color. It is us “White Americans” who benefit from being the main race, and having the “White privilege”.

More people need to go to a Black neighborhood and talk to those who see racism every day because in the area that about half of us live, racism is small compared to a large city. White privilege might have begun around the same time slavery had. White people, being the majority, saw the “new race” as an opportunity to become supreme ruler over something, to have large groups of people work for them. The African American community thought differently, and tried running away.

Infuriated, the Whites began on a whole new level believing anyone who ran away from the plantation was sick. Slavery in general, helped create white privilege and stereotype all African Americans into the working type, and now the druggies. All these past experiences have made it harder for African Americans to strive in our society. In previous decades, they deliberately separated White and Black neighborhoods, and when a Black moved into a White neighborhood, the houses value and the neighborhoods value decreased just because the people who moved there were of a different color.

It is absolutely ridiculous that racism is still around about just as much as it was seven years ago. Anybody with logical thinking would believe that it would have dwindled down to something less severe. Unfortunately, several towns are still divided and segregated because of race and skin color. I hope I get to see every race and skin color come together and work together fully, across the nation before I’m fifty, that’s thirty three years from now.

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