Quotes from the Miller's Tale

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Metaphorically described it is proleptic Nicholas will require water to quench his fire “weep as dooth a child” Shows he is childish “Of gold…I have thee broght a ring” Role of courtly lover in a false way ironic as symbol of eternal love in medieval society Miller Can break doors “at a renning with his head” By stressing the physical attributes Chaucer suggests a down to earth man hyperboley empahsies this and his violence and strength suggests he is a symbol of revolution “thombe of gold”.

Shows he is cunning and intelligent “a bagpipe wel koude he blowe and sowne” Suspitious due to this being associated with Scotland and Scottish natural enemies has an obvious intrest in music as is reflected later in the tale with Absalon, Alisoun and Nicholas who “Angelus ad virginem he song” “That I am dronke, I knowe it by my soun…wite it the ale of southwek” Love for ale this could be exaggerated for comic reasons but would clear up some of the elements in the story that do not make sense eg reapering door but overall the tale is remarkably fluent and sophisticated “He knew nat Catoun” Intelligent and educated as shown through his knowledge of Dionysius Cato “some better man shal tel us first…I wol speke, or else go my wey”.

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Confident stands up for himself and against social order “for Christes sweet tree”Blasphemy-more common vernacular bible just portaying shows he is realistic “The Millere is a cherl,ye knowe wel this” Ironic statement as Chaucer has taken great pains to create a sympathetic multidimensional character A churl is “A rustic or ill-bred person” yourdictionary.

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Adultery/marriage Romance and Love Gulling of the foolish Mystery and Religion astonomy, astorlgy abd religion play a large part! [nicholas] noahs ark with the bath tub and john – john should have known that god promised never to repeat a flood like noahs and nic managed to convince john that god would. look at how men use religion to become wealthy [background reading] look at how chaucer uses satire [mocking/humour/sarcasm] and irony towards religion Ignorance and knowledge Social class and feudal hierarchy.

Age and Youth Women Alison is the representer IMPORTANCE OF SECTIONS OF THE POEM Miller’s prologue Already Tested 1) Nicholas – lines 79 to 1 2 2) Alison – lines 125 to 162 3) Absolon – lines 206 to 330 5) Lo! – lines 503 to 534 summer 07 6) Blessen – lines 340 to 378 January 08 7) Absolon “woos” – lines 579 to 612 8) Nick persuading carpenter – any passage between lines 379 to 492 summer.

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Quotes from the Miller's Tale

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