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A Several Specific Voltaire’s Quotes

There are several specific quotes which depicts how Voltaire tried to champion or fight for the goals, beliefs and vision of a society that is enlightened. Some of these quotes include: “As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.” This is a very important quote by Voltaire in the society because it acts as an illustration of how a society would be if people cont9onue to hold on to absurdities. The things that people in…...

History Boys (random quotes and notes)

Quotes Headmaster: Why are you dressed as a milk man? - Shows lack of understanding for the young boys who remain in a working class Headmaster: There Clever however they do not have Crass. Ms. Lintot They understand there things. But they Lack Flare. Hector: All Knowledge works even if it does not serve the slightest requirement Hector: Its the hot Ticket - Happyness Headmaster: I thought about going. However this was in the 50s. Modification was in the air.…...

Elie Wiesel Quotes

The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.” ― Elie Wiesel “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” ― Elie Wiesel “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession,…...

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Engineer's Day Quotes

It gives me great pleasure to be with you on the 46th Engineers' Day which is being held to commemorate the 152nd birth anniversary of Dr. M. Vishweshwaraiya, one of the greatest engineers of the land. Bharat Ratna Dr. Vishweshwaraiya was, as you all know, not only a great engineering genius but also a very able administrator. His works in irrigation sector are engineering marvels and remain source of inspiration for engineers for all times to come. Engineering is an…...

"Romulus, my father" Quotes table

“Though the landscape is one of rare beauty, to a European or English eye it seems desolate, and even after more than forty years my father could not become reconciled to it. He longed for the generous and soft European foliage, but the Eucalypts of Baringhup, scraggy except for the noble red gums on the river bank, seemed symbols of deprivation and barrenness.” Page. 14 “Migrants who came on assisted passages were required to work for two years wherever they…...

To Kill a Mockingbird Quotes

Over a while strange things have happened blacks were slaves jews were in the holocaust, Native Americans had and Owned this land but what now our their still slaves, our their minorities, who owns this land. These are all good questions but what does "to kill a mockingbird" have to do with it . It's a sin to kill a mockingbird." This line, spoken by Atticus, sums up the heart of this book. A mockingbird is a harmless bird that…...

William Shakespeare Quotes and Quotations

Famous Quotes and Quotations from the plays of William Shakespeare Shakespearean quotes such as "To be, or not to be" and "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?" form a few of literature's most celebrated lines and if asked to recite among William Shakespeare's most famous quotes or quotes the majority of people would choose one of these. Nevertheless, many expressions that we use every day came from William Shakespeare's plays. We utilize the Bard's words all of the time…...

My Antonia Important Quotes

1. "During that burning day when we were crossing Iowa, our talk kept going back to a central figure, a Bohemian girl whom we had both known long ago. More than any other individual we kept in mind, this lady seemed to imply to us the country, the conditions, and the entire adventure of our youth." Explanation This passage from the Introduction is the first the reader hears of Antonia. The narrator of the Introduction, who matured with Jim and…...

Science -Quotable Quotes

"I am amongst those who believe that science has fantastic appeal. A researcher in his lab is not only a specialist: he is likewise a kid placed prior to natural phenomena which impress him like a fairy tale." Marie Curie (1867-- 1934). " There is something interesting about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling financial investment of truth." Mark Twain (1835 - 1910). " Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We…...

Across a Hundred Mountains Notes and Quotes

- Eleven-year-old Juana lives with her Amá and Apá in their little shack at the outskirts of their town in Mexico. - On the night of a flood, which enters their shack, her mom leaves Juana on top of the table holding the infant, Anita, to go try to find her spouse. - Juana goes to sleep and loses hold of the infant, which drowns. Now in debt again to the most affluent man in the village, Don Elías, who…...

Cheating Quotes

Evidence 1. “There is too much competition between students, which leads to increased pressure to do well. Cheating becomes a way to get the edge over the other students in the class. In addition, the penalties for getting caught are mild.” 2. “Today there is more pressure placed on students to do well. They are expected to receive good grades, play a sport, and volunteer if they are to be looked at by a good college. With a B tainting…...

Mary Bennet Quotes

“What say you Mary? For you are a young lady of deep reflection and I know, and read great books and make extracts. ” •MARY CHOOSES TO MORALISE THINGS AS OPPOSE TO BEING CRITICAL OF THEM LIKE Elizabeth is – Elizabeth reflects and makes a judgement on things •MARY DOESN’T HAVE THE ABILITY TO REFLECT – LIMITATIONS OF THE SUPERFICIAL VALUE OF education for women “Mary wished to say something very sensible but knew not how. ” •IN CONTRAST TO…...

Martyn Pig Quotes

"Something I don't understand what it was. It wasn't genuine." "It's strange, the lack of feeling, the absence of drama in truth. When things happen in reality, extraordinary things, there's no music, there's no dah-dah-daaahhs. There's no close-ups. No dramatic electronic camera angles. Nothing occurs. Nothing stops, the remainder of the world goes on." "Truth. When you slowly concern realise that all that things in books, films, tv, magazines, newspapers, comics - it's all rubbish. It's got absolutely nothing to…...

The Story of an Hour Quotes Analysis

Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble, great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible the news of her husband's death. I believe that someone that was diagnosed extensive heart trouble in the mid 1800’s would be easily be susceptible to heart attack, or death. Another main point in this sentence is the immediate introduction of the death of Mrs. Mallards husband, as it strives to enlighten the reader quickly of the correlation…...

God of Small Things Quotes

Extended metaphor: “Perhaps Ammu, Estha and she were the worst transgressors. But it wasn't just them. They all broke the rules. They all crossed into forbidden territory. They all crossed into forbidden territory. They all tampered with the laws that lay down who should be loved and how. And how much. The laws that make grandmothers grandmothers, uncles uncles, mothers mothers, cousins cousins, jam jam, and jelly jelly. Rahel and Estha live in a society with very rigid class lines.…...

House of the Scorpion Essay Quotes and Topics

Essay 1 If you didn’t have friends, would you be able to live a valuable and meaningful life? Friendship is a very valuable thing because it can get people through the hardest of times, as shown in Nancy Farmer’s House of the Scorpion, where the reign of El Patron over his country, Opium, is overthrown by his own clone, Matteo Alacran, with the help of his few friends, whom he keeps through loyalty and compassion. “Tomorrow he would begin the…...

Their Eyes Were Watching God Quotes

1) Janie, on her gossiping neighbors, stressing the importance of storytelling and oral tradition: "Ah don't mean to bother wid tellin' 'em nothin', Pheoby. 'Tain't worth de trouble. You can tell 'em what Ah say if you wants to. Dat's just de same as me 'cause mah tongue is in mah friend's mouf" (6). 2) Janie, to the men of Eatonville: "Sometimes God gits familiar wid us womenfolks too and talks His inside business. He told me.how surprised y'all is…...

Jane Eyre Marriage Quotes

"He is not to them what he is to me," I thought: "he is not of their kind. I believe he is of mine; – I am sure he is, – I feel akin to him, – I understand the language of his countenance and movements: though rank and wealth sever us widely, I have something in my brain and heart, in my blood and nerves, that assimilates me mentally to him. […] I must, then, repeat continually that we…...

Quotes from All My Sons by Arthur Miller

CHARACTORS Joe Keller "I saw your factory on the way from the stations. It looks like general motors"p150 Allusion-Savy businessman "Well that's only your business, Chris"p100 Inability to stand up to Kate "in hopeless fury, looks at her, turns around, goes up the porch, and into the house slamming screen door violently behind him" p126 Shows he can be neurotic "Chris... Chris, I did it for you...For you! A business for you."p158 Keller deals with guilt by blaming others and…...

Hamlet Revenge Quotes

< div class=" flashcards __ single-item study-vc_row-flex "> Act 1 Scene 5 Ghost's demand Revenge his foul and most abnormal murder< div class=" flashcards __ single-item study-vc_row-flex "> Act 1 Scene 5-Hamlet's sense of responsibility I was born to set it right< div class =" flashcards __ single-item study-vc_row-flex "> Act 1 Scene 5-Hamlet will forget book learning from the table of my memory/ I'll wipe away all insignificant fond records/All saws of books < div class =" flashcards__ single-item…...

Madness quotes in Hamlet

HAMLET "How strange or odd some'er I bear myself (As I perchance hereafter shall think meet To put an antic disposition on)" Madness Antic disposition presents the fact that Hamlet is going to put on his madness and act it out for other people. "There's method in my madness" HAMLET Although not truly mad, Hamlet quite clearly puts on his madness and states that there is method in what he is doing. OPHELIA "No hat upon his head, his stockings…...

The Picture of Dorian Gray - useful quotes

"To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim" Preface - Oscar Wilde "Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope." Preface - Oscar Wilde "The nineteenth century dislike of Realism is the rage of Caliban seeing his own face in a glass." Preface -Oscar Wilde "Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril." Preface - Oscar Wilde "All art is quite useless" Preface - Oscar Wilde "As…...


The Otis' family consisted of six members. As they approached Canterville Chase suddenly the sky became cloudy. "A blood stain on the library floor!" Mrs Umney screamed with terror and fainted. "My dear sir, please, put some oil on your chains." "No ghost in history has been treated like this." He spent the rest of the night thinking about how to take revenge." The twins shot two balls of paper on him. "Put your hands up!" "You poor man, I…...

Friar Lawrence Quotes

"Young men's love then lies/Not truly in the hearts, but in their eyes" Then young men love with their eyes, not with their hearts. Friar Lawrence is saying that Romeo is fickle (easily changed) and only "loves" Juliet for her appearance since he has so quickly forgotten about his "love" Rosaline. "Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast." Go wisely and slowly. Those who rush stumble and fall. Friar Lawrence is warning against impulsivity/haste in falling in love and…...

Macbeth 20 Key Quotes For Exam Revision

Fair is foul, and foul is fair The main theme of the play Macbeth. All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, thane of Cawdor! One of the most important quotes because it tells Macbeth his future and what leads him to do such murderous deeds. All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter! One of the most important quotes because it tells Macbeth his future and what leads him to do such murderous deeds. The king comes here tonight. This quote…...

Othello Act II quotes

Montano "What from the cape can you discern at sea?" Montano "What ribs of oak, when mountains melt on them, can hold the motise?" Montano "Pray heaven he be; For I have served him, and the man commands like a full soldier. Let's to the seaside, ho! As well to see the vessel that's come in As to throw out our eyes for brave Othello." Cassio "Thanks, you the valiant of this warlike isle, that so approve the Moor! O,…...

Othello Act 2 Quotes

Cassio The divine Desdemona Cassio My hopes do shape him for the Governor Iago He takes her by the palm. Ay, well said, whisper. With as little a web as this will I ensnare as great a fly as Cassio Desdemona My dear Othello Iago That Cassio loves her, I do well believe't Iago Or failing so, yet that I put the Moor, At least into a jealous so strong, Make the Moor thank me, love, and reward me Iago…...

Othello: Act 3 Quotes

s3 DESDEMONA (D's innate goodness; will be their downfall) "My lord shall never rest; I'll watch him tame and talk him out of patience" s3 IAGO (Iago tempts O to jealousy) "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on" s3 OTHELLO (tormented by idea of D cheating) "O curse of marriage, that we can call these delicate creatures ours" s3 OTHELLO (better than unfaithful marriage) "I had rather…...

Othello Jealousy Quotes

Iago: Forsooth Iago: Forsooth, a great arithmetician, / One Michael Cassio, a Florentine Roderigo: To the gross Roderigo: To the gross clasps of a lascivious Moor Iago: I hate Iago: I hate the Moor Iago: Cassio's a Iago: Cassio's a proper man Cassio: She's a Iago: And, I'll Cassio: She's a most exquisite lady Iago: And, I'll warrant her, full of game Othello: As if Othello: As if there were some monster in thy thought Iago: O beware Iago: O…...

King Lear Act 5 Quotes

Do you not love my sister?... Dear my lord, be not familiar with her Regan - Edmund jealousy The which immediacy may well stand up and call itself your brother Regan - Edmund husband Lady, I am not well... that I create here my Lord and master Regan - illness and Edmund husband I had rather lose the battle than that sister should loosen him and me Goneril - Edmund jealousy If not, I'll never trust medicine Goneril - poisoning…...

King Lear Act 1 scene 2 quotes

Thou, nature, art my godess The start of Edmund's soliloquy, shows he does not subscribe to human law, rather the more brutal 'law of the jungle', survival of the fittest etc the curiosity of nations to deprive me, for that I am some twelve or fourteen moonshines lag of a brother?' Edmund, professing how unfair it is that he does not get his father's inheritance simply because he is younger than Edgar my dimensions are as well compact, my mind…...

King Lear Act 1 scene 1 Quotes

I thought the king had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall Kent to Gloucester, shows that the King is known to have favourites There was good sport at his making Gloucester to Kent, making jokes about Edmund's illegitimacy, perhaps gives an excuse to why Edmund does the things he does This young fellows mother could Gloucester's response to Kent's 'I cannot conceive you' I have a son, sir, by order of law...who yet is no dearer in my…...

King Lear - Gloucester Quotes

Reflecting on his relationship with Edgar "My old heart is cracked; it's cracked" Theme of madness "The grief hath crazed my wits" Theme of blindness (blunt) "Alack, I have no eyes" Whilst being blinded "give me some help - O Cruel! O you gods!" Theme of blindness (poetic) "I stumbled when I saw" Gloucester's repentance "If Edgar lives, O bless him" Gloucester's initial anger and belief at Edmund's story "Bring that murderous coward to the stake"...

King Lear - Goneril and Regan Quotes

A1.S1: Goneril describes the extent of her love for Lear 'dearer than eyesight, space and liberty' A1.S1: Regan challenges Goneril's profession about Lear, foreshadowing the rivalry between them over Edmund 'Only she comes too short, that I profess myself an enemy to all other joys' A1.S1: Regan comments on the age and frailty of Lear ''Tis the infirmity of his age' A1.S1: Goneril alludes to the plans of the sisters to overthrow Lear, as a necessity to preserve the kingdom…...

Hamlet - Revenge Quotes

“Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” Ghost. Manipulation — not a loving relationship “What would he do, had he the motive and the cue for passion that I have?” Compares himself to the actor/wonders how actor would cope in his situation “Unpregnant of my cause” Has no desire for revenge Tennant genuinely questions himself “But I am pigeon-livered and lack gall” No guts to revenge Burton tries to imitate actor’s emotions “Now I could drink hot blood” Violent — makes audience think that he will commit murder this time “A villain kills my father, and for that, I,…...

'King Lear' - Madness/Sanity: Quotes

Kent "I serve the King" "Revoke thy doom" Mad in that he wants to retain the autocratic systemMad in that he wants to retain the autocratic system Lear "Unburthened crawl towards death" Links to The Seven Ages of Man Lear "Which of you shall we say doth love us most?" Mad with self interest Regan "such unconstant starts" "The rash mood" Fool "May not an ass know when a cart draws the horse" Lear replies: "Saddle my horse" Goneril "Dearer…...

Act 4 Hamlet Quotes

"Mad as the sea and wind when both contend which is the mightier." Queen "But, like the owner of a foul disease, to keep it from divulging, let it feed even on the pith of life." King "He weeps for what is done" Queen "But we must with all our majesty and skill both countenance and excuse." King "Take you me for a sponge, my lord?" Ros./Guild "Diseases desperate grown by desperate appliance are relieved or not at all." King…...

Hamlet act 4 quotes

Gertrude Mad as the sea and wind when both contend which is mightier. In his lawless fit,... In this brainish apprehension kills the unseen good old man Gertrude O'er whom his very madness, like some ore among a mineral of metals base, shows itself pure. He weeps for what is done Claudius It had been so with us, had we been there Claudius The sun no sooner shall the mountains touch, but we will ship him hence: and this vile…...

Huckleberry Finn Quotes and Analysis

"Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be persecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot." This is a note from the author AKA Mark Twain. The fact that he is warning us not to think about the story so much and analyze it obviously has the opposite effect and makes us analyze it. He signs off as a voice of authority,…...

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