Quota Printing Essay

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Quota Printing

     The best things in life are free. However, anything that is provided without any controls attached should impose a certain degree of responsibility. This will ensure that the overall efficiency of the right can be maximized by all individuals concerned. In the case of the free printing abuse in the library, the best possible resolution is to implement an individualized imposition of responsible printing instead of simply making the facility available without limitations.

     One possible solution for the problem is to implement a quota for printing per student. Each enrolled individual will have to register first in the database in which they will have to input their complete name and student number. Afterwards, the library can impose a printing system which will allow each student to avail the first 50 to 100 pages (depending on the decision of the library) of printing free for the entire semester. The next pages thereafter shall be charged a definite amount of at least about five cents per page as noted in the article. This way, the students will have the responsibility to only use their free pages of printing in an efficient way which will help them become responsible. Moreover, five cents worth of printing page is still reasonable for any student’s budget allowance.

     For the concern of having to wait long queue of printing, the library can install one more printing machine in the library. Because of the great savings in resources (paper, electricity, ink) and the possible accumulation of budget coming from the 5c/page beyond quota charges, is it possible to purchase another equipment to make printing faster for all the students who want to request for a printing job. Of course, the same implementation ruling should be provided to the second printer which will be connected in the single student user database for the number of printed page monitoring.

     It is always an exciting experience to acquire something without any charges. But sometimes, it is inevitable to encounter inconsiderate individuals who would only want to abuse something that is free. In order to resolve this problem, it is always necessary to impose a definite restriction in free services to help each user become responsible. A simple limitation rule can greatly help a free system effective.

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