Questions and Facts about Special Child Needs


In the next two years to come, the new Socio-Economic Measure (SEMs) will substitute the market division tool, Living Standard Measure (LSMs). Kantar TNS believes that this is a more honest image of the society in South Africa based on how people live and does not only depend on durables.

The new SEM (Socio-Economic Measure), established by well-known researcher Neil Higgs and his team at Kantar TNS, is a more precise image of South African society in terms of how people live and does not rely only on durables, as the past LSMs have been.

The new SEM offers marketers a numerical and technical answer that shows how our citizens are living, not only what they have in their homes. A important advantage of SEMs is that promoters can alter their pursuit along the SEM continuum. ‘You are not bound to pre-appointed gatherings; you can set your objective market at any level you need. There’s no wastage on either end as you get the adaptability to tailor it to more decisively coordinate your objective market,’ Langschmidt clarifies.

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Advantages of SEM

• They have 14 variables versus the 29 on LSMs,

• research questionnaires are briefer and easier to manage.

• SEMs are also steadier, this is because of less dependence on these durables and technology, while more dependence is being put on household structures and community infrastructure, which happen to change more often.

• SEMs make reasonable sense.

• SEMs are more flexible.

The LSM (Living Standard Measure) calculation is faulty. LSMs were perfect in the late 80s when a smaller number of households had electric stoves, microwaves, fridges, TVs, washing machines, etc.

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Now that a lot of household have these appliances, this measure is pointless because it measures only durables that are listed and not people’s daily lifestyles.

Lsm vs SEM Profile of South African Households

Source ES: 6 months Jul-Dec 2016

Huge White-Collar Class Not Evident

Peter Langschmidt, specialist to the PRC said ‘If just the LSM, a relatively consummate ringer formed populace appropriation was valid, we would have a huge white-collar class and a wage circulation, for example, Canada or Australia has. Be that as it may, we don’t, as we are as yet enduring the eventual outcomes of 350 years of expansionism, 50 years of Politically-sanctioned racial segregation and 10 years of defilement, so our Gini coefficient is still high.

The LSM demonstrates that just 6% or 1 of every 17 houses is in the base LSM 1-3 gathering, the SEM demonstrates that 44% or 1 out of 2.3 family units are battling. As far as the critical LSM 8-10 gathering, which gets more than 70% of promoting spend, the SEM additionally beats the LSM with 19% of families versus 14% for the LSM. As far as authenticity, the SEM likewise has numerous focal points over the LSMs. With 14 factors, versus the 29 on LSMs, overviews are shorter and simpler to oversee. SEMs are likewise steadier, this is on the grounds that there is less dependence on durables and more dependence on family unit structures and open foundation, which change all the more regularly.

Less Durables Included

The main four durables that have been engaged with the last factors are profound cooler, microwave, floor polisher or vacuum cleaner and clothes washer. The others are post office adjacent, police headquarters close-by, worked in kitchen sink, home security benefit, motorcar, floor material, water source, kind of latrine, rooftop material and number of dozing rooms.

As guaranteed, the LSM will be kept running in parallel with the SEM for a time of two years until 2018. Langschmidt closes ‘On the off chance that you or your customers have faith in tall tale salary conveyance, which goes in logical inconsistency of all evaluation and Details SA information, at that point keep on utilizing the LSMs yet in the event that you trust in an unequal dissemination and the 17 million social gives that individuals get every month, at that point you should utilize SEMs.’


Traditional marketing is any type of promotion, advertising or campaign that has been in use by companies for years, and that has a proven success rate. Methods of traditional marketing can include print advertisements, such as newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper print ads. Other forms of traditional marketing include television spots or commercials, as well as radio spots advertising a business, product or service. The key assumption underlying the marketing concept is that, in order to be successful, a company generally had to determine the needs and wants of specific target markets and deliver the desired products or services better than the competition. Within the context of the marketing concept, a satisfactory profit is envisioned as an appropriate reward for satisfying consumer’s needs, not as a right of simply being in business.

There has been a important proposed modification or extension of the marketing concept, namely the societal marketing concept. (Bhijan, H) societal marketing concept, which holds that the organization’s task is to determine the needs, wants, and interests of target markets and to deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors in a way that preserves or enhances the consumer’s and the society’s well-being. The societal marketing concept proposes that consumers may on occasion respond to their immediate needs or wants, while overlooking what is in their best interest. The societal marketing concept was established from the marketing concept. Marketers and consumers are progressively taking stock of what is good for themselves, their family, their country, and the planet. Marketing looks for chances to offer products and services to help consumers reach their objectives while also making gainful decisions for their companies.

Woolworths sees themselves as the leader in reducing waste and have different ways of ensuring

The aim of all marketers is to establish and uphold successful relationships with their consumers. This happens when consumers or customers are offered products that has benefits that they value. Customers see the value of those benefits as over and above the cost of the product, the cost in terms of money, time, and opportunity costs. If a product provides value, the company is expected to have a high level of customer satisfaction. The marketer will be trusted, and the customers will keep on buying the products. They will then recommend the product to others. A company with strong customer relationships will be able to attain a high level of customer retention, their customers will not go to the competitor or stop using their product. They will retain these customers over time and will be more profitable because of loyal customers that are valuable.

Customer retention is essential because loyal customers are more profitable, they are cheaper to satisfy than new customers, they will bring you more customers by referring them or telling them about their great experience and you will not need to spend a lot on marketing because they will be familiar with your products.


McLeod, S. 2018. Characterizes Maslow’s hierarchy of needs requirements motivational hypothesis in brain research that comprises of a five-level model of human needs, habitually represented as progressive levels in a pyramid.

Needs drop down in the chain of importance must be satisfied before individuals can move to needs that are higher up. Beginning from the bottom, the requirements are: physiological, wellbeing, love and having a place, regard and self-realization.

Physiological needs- These needs are needed to withstand living life.

Safety needs- This does not only mean physical safety but also include order, stability, routine, familiarity and control. TEAM DALY shows order and stability and growth in the business world.

Belongingness and safety needs- The business is family run and now operates with more than 250 dedicated employees.

Esteem needs- TEAM DALY was just presented with BMW Motorrad franchise that opened in 2015. In 2016, Daly SelectACar that specialises in pre-owned vehicles and Daly Exclusive selection that brags with a range of best vehicle brands was opened.

Self-actualization- The family run business has grown into a multi-franchise operation.

Brand personification can be characterized as ‘a Projective Method that inquiries individuals to consider brands in the event that they were individuals and to clarify how the brands would think and feel,’ as per The most well-known strategy for causing the structure of the brand is embodiment. ‘On the off chance that the brand was a man, what kind of individual would it be…?’

The above advertisement shows class. The car appears to be classy and sophisticated just as the woman appears to be. She is dressed in a professional and formal attire and best suits and describes the car.

Store image is the image or impression that is created in the mind of the customers. The overall good impression of this nature in terms of products available in the store, the store itself and the experience they assume when shopping at the store” (Dunne and Lunsch, 2005: 449). So it very well may be said that the store picture is in all actuality a perfect representation of the general client to store condition. The general population picture that a store appears into the commercial centre assumes an imperative job to the accomplishment of the business.

Aspects that customers will evaluating Daly Ford’s tore image are the general surroundings, product range, layout of the store, the interior design and décor, and the location of the store, brands carried, prices, level of service and clientele.


Extended Family

A family which spreads beyond the nuclear family to consist of grandparents and other relatives. In most current more distant families, just a single wedded couple for each age lives in the home, despite the fact that there are a lot of precedents of different wedded couples and their kids living respectively. Youthful wedded couples without kids may likewise keep on living as a component of a more distant family until the point when they have their own youngsters and are better ready to move out alone.

Nuclear Family

The nuclear family is the traditional type of family structure. This type of family composes of two parents and children. This type of family structure is considered the best way to raise children. Children that are raised in nuclear families receive strength and firmness from the two-parent structure and normally have more opportunities because of the financial comfort of two adults.

Before purchasing something, a person tends to discuss it with their family members. Immediate family members play an essential role in influencing his or her buying behaviour. Family members might support an individual’s choice to buy a product, disagree with the decision it or suggest few other options that will be better. There are no two people who have the same buying preferences.

The buying tendencies of people differ based on their age, needs, lifestyle, income, geographical location, family status and preparedness to spend.

Couples staying together influence each other’s buying behavior. In most cases the wife always accompanies her husband when going shopping. Children have an influence on the buying decisions of individuals. When an individual has a child, they will happily spend money on toys, candies, ice creams, chocolates and sweets. Children in the family cause their parents to subscribe to Disney Channel, Cartoon network and other kids related channels. Your role in the family has an important effect on your preferences. Markets target these family roles so that they can customers. There are product advertisements that target the women who have just given birth or couples that have just gotten married. Marketers also target kids, this helps to persuade parents so that they can buy the products for their kids. There are different strategies that are put into place to target different family members.

In conclusion, it can be said that family members help you decide what to buy. Our selections are based on numerous important considerations, many of which are influenced by our families and our roles in them.


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