Questionnaires are an effective tool in garnering data for research Essay

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Questionnaires are an effective tool in garnering data for research

The process of getting valid questionnaire could be complex, however there are some steps that could minimize the complexity. At the outset it would be essential to determine what the survey wold be required to accomplish. What is the purpose of the exercise. Without a clear understanding of the purpose of the questionnaire the effort could be compromised. The next step is to understand the population of the study. Who exactly are your targets of interest. Once a population is determined, then decide on how to go about collecting a representative sample of that population.

It may not be feasible to survey the entire population, so a sample population should be considered. The next step would be the question of recovering the replies from the survey participants. The investigator must decide what would be the most efficient way of gathering the information from the respondents once the questionnaire is done. Some methods have been suggested by academics, and management professionals. In order to obtain the maximum reports back from the participants, the researcher may need to keep the questionnaire concise, but still complete.

Make it easy for the individual participant to respond. Usually people tend to respond better to personalized surveys. So use the participant’s real name, as opposed to using their title only,( e. g marketing supervisor of so and so etc. ) make sure to be professional and polite in your approach. Include a letter of introduction in the survey, advise your participants of your efforts and thank them in advance for helping you with your request. You could follow up the initial correspondence with a phone call, that would increase the response rate to your survey.

With a concise, well designed survey page and a respectful approach you stand a good chance of getting a significant return in response. Before embarking on the main data review it may be wise to try a pilot investigation. Get friends and family to give you a feedback on your study. That gives you a general knowledge on the potential effectiveness of the entire project. After the pilot then it is time to undertake the major questionnaire. It is important to maintain good list of the participants that respond to the questionnaire. The last step would be to analyze the data.

There are several software product that can do good data analysis. (Walonick, Polit 1989, Bailey). Some of the advantages of questionnaire are that include the ease of analyzing questionnaire data. They are relatively easy to analyze, many statistical computing software can the job effectively. Compared to other research methodologies questionnaires are inexpensive to conduct. Also questionnaires are one form of research that most people are familiar with. A well crafted and appealing design ought to make it much easier to get good, objective and valid data.

ORGANIZATIONAL DOCUMENTS: Organizational documents could be a good source of information that may not readily be available otherwise. Documents such as bylaws, annual budget or advertizing budget are some examples of important corporate information that may not be available outside the company’s internal archives. However using such information as a research tool may be tricky, some fundamental questions would need to be answered. First, the investigator would need to define the objective for such data, what is the purpose of the information.

Would the organizational archive be the best source for the information. The researcher must determine if this source of information would be reliable objective, factual and valid. Most organizational documents go through reviews for accuracy and credibility, so most legitimate corporations would not have issues of unreliability concerning their corporate information. It may be difficult for a researcher to gain access to a corporate database, and that could present an obstacle. But if access is granted, corporate document ought to be a good source of valuable data.

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