Questioning Techniques Essay

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Questioning Techniques

Questioning techniques are the skills to help a person get information from another person or a group of people, these formulas will give you the directions and paths appropriate to use depending on how much information you want from the answer. They can influence the outcome of the answer, you can ask a question intending to get a long or short answer, can avoid the explanations this way you would be just cutting long stories short.

Through questioning you can make a person/people feel comfortable, unsure, uncomfortable, or confused because of the options given by the question. One question can give you too many answers but it does not mean all the answers answer the question correctly or some could give you a few but in those few could be different outcomes all together. They will guide us on what to ask and what not to ask in different situations. Questions are mostly categorised into two parts which is opened and closed questions.

Open and closed questions are the main two categories which all the other questions fall under but they all differ in how open or how closed they are, you will get an open answer from and open question and a closed answer to a closed question. In open questions you will mostly get questions that will start with “how or why” which will get you a more detailed answer, it gives options and allows the person who answers to explore Closed questions are targeting short answers such as yes and no.

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