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QUESTION 1 365 WORDSNowadays good health plays a prestigious role

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1444 words)
Categories: Disability, Disorder, Health, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Plays, Social science, Society, Sociology
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Nowadays, good health plays a prestigious role in modern society with a strong relationship between preserving a physically healthy way of life and optimum performance. However, this is not only an element of positive health that is mandatory for the proper functioning of a human’s body. According to WHO [world health organization] announce that health is more than the absence of diseases or disability as it also embraces mental and social wellbeing (mental health and the mental aspects of health.

,2 April 2016). Before enrolling in this course, I was reflecting the same perspective held by a community that mental health problems are not so concerning issue in the health spectrum of the world. From my point of view, mental health illness is defined as a person which is mentally disabled and whose brain is not working properly. I strongly believe that numerous factors such as discrimination, negative attitudes, prejudice etcetera that incline the number of mental health cases in our world.

Like other students, I also not interested in mental health issues. But because of some experiences related to psychological patients, I got concerned. As I listen to a lot of news related to a social issue like sexual abuse, violent acts etcetera which take place with the people of my culture especially with poor girls that create impact on my mind regarding mental health. As there was many breaking news which I was seen in my past time about girls of my tradition which was mentally disabled and got sexually assault by their own family members and government will not take any step for their justice because of this reason many girls attempt suicide .these incident makes me feel sad and sympathy toward mentally ill patients. After engaging with this course, mind with previous experience get more indulge toward the course and changing the view regarding mental health. Now I feel that I have become more emotional and have empathy towards mental health patients. Also, I learned various kinds of methods for dealing with disturbed people. According to me, 80% of mental illness cases get solved when doctors understand the situation of the ill person rather than giving the punishment for their rude act.


Social media is a great invention of technology which drastically changes the world. As social media makes everyone’s life very simple. Also, it gives a lot of benefits to people such as increases communication skills, creates awareness about social issues which take place in our world and so on. There are many social awareness methods like radio, movies, blogs and so on. Previously when I was studied in higher school, I listen lot of rumours about mental illed peoples that they are dangerous and criminal in nature and put these types of people into the jail. That time I totally disturbed and build negative attitude toward mental health career. I thought that methods of solving mental disorders are not available for the people but after interaction with social media that create positive effect on my mind .As many social sites open my eyes toward mental health cases as I read many sites that there are a lot of peoples who got cured from serious mental illness, for example, a lady named Lynne who got indulged in a serious problem name bipolar disorder which refers to the mentally illness which causing fluctuation of the mood and behavior of a person. She got this problem because her house got burned and she was getting so much stressed. Consequently, she got injured by a knife. Then her family called the Royal Flying Doctor Services (RFDS) mental health team which provided proper medication to her. further, in 2017 to 2018 approximate 13000 mental health consultation were organized by RFDS all over the country (Lynne’s story: managing my mental health, n. d). moreover, I also get aware through the advertisement of campus such as youth support services, free mental support that helping the mentally weak people which are posted on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube etcetera. I also read lot of newspaper that there are different types organisations get established for helping mental patient both finically and emotionally. I am totally impressed by all the services provided by the organization of mental health which I mentioned above. Earlier, I was not so much indulged in my studies but all these blogs change my mindset towards mental health and also inspired me to think in a different way which helps me to deal with my client in the best way in the human service department.


Throughout the course of mental health and wellbeing, I have learned different kinds of concepts and methods in dealing with people having mental health disorders. As I think that there are lots of situation faced by mental health department like lack of resources, shortage of staff and so on. I want to become a mental health social worker in my future but I will face lot of challenges for fulfilling my dream. as we all know “for becoming a successful person we must do hard work”. There are many attributes in my personality that become a weakness as well strength in my career line. As I am very friendly in nature and truth worthy person that quality become my strength for my role as a result, I treat my patient as my family member and listen very much sincerely so that they easily build trust on me and feel comfortable in sharing their conditions. Nextly, most importance factor which become my biggest weakness is lack of confidence and shyness as I am new in this field, I will get some troubles to interact with physiological patient. Moreover, this negative attitude will arise in my nature because of a lack of experience with people. On the other hand, I will take different agendas and work on it for becoming the best professional in the mental health branch. Empathy for the client is indispensable. I will work on my weakness and build empathy toward my patient so I feel the pain of ill person and give best treatment and advice to them. Also, I concentrate on to various kinds of a concept like social determinants of mental health, moral and ethical values, recovery model etcetera that become my strength in my career path. furthermore, completing all material of mental health courses that make my positive attitude toward mental health services and I will give full dedication toward this course for getting success in the human service field.


During the course of mental health and wellbeing, I have learned various kind of concept which increases my knowledge. Now I want to discuss one topic and their skills that can help me in dealing with my clients in a future human service job. The name of the topic is THE RECOVERY MODEL. I pick this topic because as we all know recovery of any disease or disability is a very important process in every patient’s life. Recovery is defined as a deeply personal and unique process of transforming one attitude, worth, feeling and so on. Recovery is the only procedure who gives courage to an ill person to establish their roles for living their own life. Also, it is not the same as the curing process. But rather it is a journey toward a new assessed to a sense of identity, character, and motivation outside the parameter of mental illness. as I learned five elements of recovery: hope, personal responsibility, connectedness, active sense of self and discovery. These all factor supporting recovery action. If I become a mental health worker then I firstly give hope to my client that their illness gets reduced after some time. By giving hope will increase the inner strength of the person and also create a positive impact on a person’s life. Another component that is crucial for recovery is spirituality. I also recommended my client that does regular medication for faster recovery. Nextly, the most crucial factor which I must follow in my career is connectedness. I always treat my patients with respect and equality and also listen to them by building empathy and compassion in my heart as a result therapeutic relationship get build between me and my client.

Moreover, all these concepts and knowledge help me for my bright future in the human service career. Also, I put full dedication towards my education and earn a license to do work in this field. Another thought which I always in my heart that if I get the chance of working with the mental health department then I do my work full of hard work and sincerity toward my role.

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