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A Question of Attribution

Discuss how Alan Bennett uses art as a metaphor in Blunt’s conversations with Chubb and the Queen. During the play “A Question of Attribution”, written in the late 1960’s, Alan Bennett uses the highly sophisticated technique of an extended metaphor throughout the entire play which makes the meaning of the play seem more powerful. Bennet… View Article

Author’s response to the question

The author claims that the Kyoto protocol should not be a partisan issue in any way. He further says that the percentage reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions to which the American government committed itself by signing the 1997 protocol to the United Nations framework convention on the climatic changes in 1992 was probably not… View Article

The VARK Questionnaire

Choose the answer which best explains your preference by placing a check on the squares next to the choices. You may have two answers per item if a single answer does not match your perception. Leave blank any question that does not apply. A group of tourists want to learn about the parks or wildlife… View Article

Examples of Essay Questions for Exam

Chapter 1: 1). Describe the four steps taken in solving a business problem.(A process, not an event) * Problem identification (is to understand what kind of problem exists). * Solution design (is to design solutions to the problems you have identified) * Solution evaluation and choice (choosing the “best” solution for your business firm) *… View Article

Who am I Ten years from now?

Where do i see my self in the future? This is an often asked question, where do i see myself being in six months, one year or even ten years. This was asked of me and i intend to answer. Starting at six months moving into one year and further down the road of life…. View Article

Recommend a course of action for Adams

First, Adams must create time for his employees to be involved in participation. He has to let them know that he is not an autocratic boss/manager, and only a meeting will bring that observation to the forefront. He must have enough confidence in himself and his employees that everyone will agree to meet at a… View Article

How You Plan to Collect Data on Customers

How you plan to collect data on customers, competitors and the market environment and why you think this will be useful. How do you propose to use this market research to understand the behaviour of customers, competitors and the market environment? Market research is a crucial factor to do for any organisation in order to… View Article

Euthyphro – Plato

The Euthyphro is a tale of Socrates and Euthyphro. They meet by chance and end up discussing what is holy and what is piety. Socrates tries to get answers from Euthyphro but because of his unwillingness to learn, they end back at the beginning of their discussion. In Euthyphro, we see the three distinct definitions… View Article

Festival in British

INTRODUCTION Festival is defined as a time of celebration marked by special observances. Every festival tells a message pertaining our customs, traditional values, mythology, culture and historical events. Festival usually brings happiness and glee. Thereby, it strengthens the bond of relationship and friendships. Britain is a land known of its British cultures. It inevitably celebrates… View Article

Interview Manager

Question : As a store manager where did you struggle when solving problem? Answer : An employee who is difficult to manage, they have the perception that they are not appreciated. They feel that they have not been complimented adequately for work well done. They feel they deserve more attention. Sometimes a difficult-to-manage employee’s behavior… View Article

Student Computer Lab

1. Did the moderator do an adequate job of getting the information needed by the SCC? The moderator did a good job getting the information needed. * He started out appropriately by explaining who he was and the purpose for the research (focus group). * Encouraged respondents to talk to one another as he started… View Article

Response to Essay Questions for Teaching Position in High-Needs School

Instructions as stated on application: Answer each question in a short essay format (no more than 300 words); be sure to address all parts of each question. The answers to these questions are considered a critical part of your application. Please spend time crafting your answers and provide your responses to these application questions in… View Article

Organizational Theory

1. Develop your understanding of the nature of the key organisation perspectives and their related theories; 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the key perspectives and the meta-theoretical assumptions that underpin each; 3. Demonstrate an appreciation of the relationship between perspectives and their respective theories; 4. Develop research skills and the ability to assess the strengths… View Article

Consulting Methodology

Consultant Approach Quickly understanding problems, gathering relevant data, and synthesizing insightful results The Minto Pyramid Principle A set of rules that helps create groups in a way that is logical and structured. Groups help you communicate easily to others. Process that identifies issues, designs research, analysis, and communication Way of sorting data to compartmentalize complex… View Article

Introductory Marketing

Case studies are a great way to learn marketing – applying what you have learned to a business situation will help you to understand the concepts well. This term we will analyze cases in two ways – in class, and as written case assignments to be handed in. IN-CLASS CASES: Your text contains cases to… View Article