The CoverGirl ad from March 2012 includes an image of Queen Latifah in a grayish background with her green eye shadow. Queen Latifah has little brown eyes with long curly black eyelashes. She has a lovely huge smile with shiny white teeth. Queen Latifah likewise has a beautiful set of little gold round dangling earrings in her ears. The word “CoverGirl” is composed in huge vibrant green latter throughout her forehead, all to enhance her appearance. Queen Latifah is composed in small green letters underneath in the best hand corner.

The image shot is from her head to her shoulders, simply enough for her audiences to concentrate on CoverGirls’s product. Queen Latifah seems using an olive green shirt, the very same color as CoverGirl’s item, with her hair drew back into a long pony tail. The advertisement successfully uses logos, ethos, and pathos to convince the viewers to buy CoverGirl products. His first appeal is hown by utilizing logos to give the audiences resonoing to purchase CoverGirl products.

CoverGirl declares that their products are for ladies of any and all skin types or ethnic backgrounds.

The ad states, “fadeproof, water resistant and ignore evidence”, which is utilized to explain the item that they are advertising CoverGirl mascara. This product hs been around for a long tike and is rapisdly growing and maturity it is really iverse. coverGir states fadeproof becase thet claim that their item will stay on the face regarldless of the length of time it is worn for that fay, amd it holds up against sweating or crying.

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Waterproof would be for those who require It to remain on when it rains or they go for a swim.

Overlook evidence is the smooth appearance an natural appeal appearance that it crates for their face and makes them appear like a tue wueen, or look as gorgeous as Quwes Latifah searches in the advertisement. There are numerous things that individuals aim to attain when ising make up or mascara and this ad identified the top 3/ it determines that purchasers would not jave to fret abiut it fading, washing away, or going unnoticed. The second appeal I ethos, which is utilized to encourage the audiences to buy CoverGirl products.

The ad was supported by using a very persuasice and empowering actress and model for the company, amd in my voiew, she is a big influence to the companies sales. coverGirl is one of the more popular makeup companies, which many celebrities us aling with other consumers. In my opinion thisis to get consumers attention so that hey would see their favorite celebrity using CoverGirl, and hop ethat he consumer seeing the ad might believe in nd buy thir product. The ad advertises by saying, “if it is good for Hollywood it is good enough for me”.

CoverGirl uses celebrities to promote their products because hthey are aware that the viewers will buy it if they believe celebrities are ising the products. Finally the use of pathos is showed by quwwn latifah emotions in the ad. Queen latifah looks very satisfied with her fadeproof, waterproof and ignore proof makeup and mascara. She has the brightest and prettiest smile ever which allowed me ad many others to admire it and lean toward purchasing the product, which is what the company is hoping for.

Queen latifah’s face looks maturally beautiful, which is what covergirl is really aiming for. Covergirl is widely known and respected cosmetics company. They typically uses famous actresses and models in their advertisement to persuade the viewers to buy their products. The covergirl and makes queen latifah look superior to her natural beauty. The logic behind this is that the viewers saw and thought that if they use the covergirl product, they could look as beautiful as queen latifah did in the ad.

In coclusion, the advertisement affectively uses logos, ethos, and pathos to convince viewers to buy covergirl products that are fadeproof, waterproof and ignore proof. Logos is used to show why the viewers should trust covergirl products. Ethos convinces the viewers to buy covergirl product by using a wellknown actress and model names queen latifah to advertise their product. Pathos shows how the product is satisfying queen latifah by her emotions in the ad. The advertisement show how satisfying and trustworthy covergirl product really is.

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