Quarterly Performance Review Essay

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Quarterly Performance Review

Being a retail store we all know how important customer service is, but many don’t see the importance of good vendor support as well. Vendors are important and should be looked after. Since they provide us with our foundations to running our business with providing us with the products and merchandise we sell. Elaine Bridgewater, our retail relationship manager, has been a great addition to our team. With her experience she is able to bring technical knowledge about the industry giving us a competitive advantage over many other golf equipment stores. Everyday Elaine brings her boundless energy and she is always driven and motivated. Elaine’s engaging personal style has built numerous new retail relationships for our company. However I do have some concerns regarding Elaine’s performance.

Since she is the first person our retailers contact it is important to be attentive to the retailers needs. Unfortunately we have received complaints from various retailers that their calls are not returned the same day, but usually days later. If retailers email Elaine they seem to get lost in the email conversation since email message from Elaine could have been written clearer, making a simple email go back and forth numerous times due to confusion. Furthermore weekly reports are not created with care, but seem as if they were thrown together quickly. Although these may not seem like critical issues, and they are all simple fixes, but are very crucial to the survival of our business.

With some standardized guidelines and practice these are areas Elaine could easily improve on. The retail channel is a very important aspect to the survival of our company and so it is important that that channel is maintained at all times. To help make the changes easier we will establish appropriate standards and guidelines for the retail division. All call and emails should be responded to within 24 hours of receiving it. We will also provide an array of email response templates since most of the correspondences are routine.

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