Quantitative Business Analysis Essay

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Quantitative Business Analysis

The Sky Hospital Consortium has 40 hospitals in various parts of the United States. In these hospitals once a patient is discharged they are given a survey to determine if they are satisfied with the overall service. In this report we will be showing dissatisfied patients and complaints for the total of discharges to try and help the management staff try and improve patients overall experience. 1. The probability of a patient responding “Dissatisfied” in each of the three different regions. In Sky Hospital Consortium there are three regions which are East, Central and West. In the West Region there are 16 hospitals that had 63,791 patients visit it last year. In that year there were 5,316 dissatisfied claims in the region. The probability of patients responding dissatisfied is 5,316/ 63,791=0.08333. In the Central Region they have 4 hospitals which were visited by 18,810 patients which 1,513 of them said they were dissatisfied by their visit.

The probability of this happening is 1,513/18,810=.08044. In the East there are 20 hospitals that have been visited by 96,061 and had 6,955 dissatisfied patients. The probability of dissatisfied patients in the east region is 6,955/96,061= .07240 2. The probability of a patient filing a formal complaint in each of the three different regions. The West had over 942 patients file a complaint in that year. The probability of a patient filing a formal complaint is 942/63,791=.01477 For the Central they had over 199 patients filing a formal complaint. The probability of patients having a formal complaint is 199/18,810= .01058. The East had over 1,200 formal complaints.

The probability of patients making formal complaints in the East hospitals would be 1,200/96,061=.01249. 3. The probability of a patient filing a formal complaint given a patient response of “Dissatisfied” in each of the three different regions. In the West hospitals the probability of a patient filling a formal complaint given a patient response of dissatisfied is 942/5,316=.17720. In the Central hospitals the probability is 199/1513=.13153. In the East the probability is 1,200/6,955= .17254. 4. The probability of a patient responding “Dissatisfied” for each hospital. The chart below shows the hospital per region individually where the patients are said to be dissatisfied with the service. The ranks of best to worst out of the 16 hospitals in the West are broken down here as well as the 4 hospitals of the Central hospitals and the 20 of the East hospitals.


After looking at all three regions we are able to see that the East by far had the most visits to its 20 hospitals it had the most patients by probability would be satisfied more often than the Central and West Region. For patients filing complaints we are able to see that the Central region has a less likely probability then the East and West Regions. Looking closely though by the number of patients overall compared to the East and West Regions, the Central region was probably able to fix the issues sooner before they became filed complaints mostly because they had more time to spend individually.

This also shows when you take the patients who were more probable to file a complaint who was dissatisfied in the Central region, which is the lowest, compared to the East and West which were much higher. Overall per hospital we are able to see the Central Region again was the best for Overall ranking between the three regions combined. This shows evidence that the hospitals were able to spend more time with their patients because of less patients being seen.

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