Quality of Care Essay

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Quality of Care

STANDARD 1. Safeguarding and Child Protection Children are safeguarded through systems and practices that are consistent with the Regional Child Protection Policies and Procedures. Safeguarding children is afforded the highest priority. To meet Standard1 : “A designated child protection officer must be available at all times during the hours of service provision for contact and consultation with staff and to offer instruction, advice and support to staff and this officer’s details should be available to parents and carers. As I will be stepping up to a leaders post, I need to avail of this training asap. Section 2 – Quality of Staffing, Management and Leadership The quality of staffing, management and leadership impacts directly and indirectly on children’s care. Strong, competent and effective management means efficient running of a setting and high standards set for others. Staff who are happy in their role, secure in the knowledge of their responsibilities and well-trained to deal with all aspects of their job provide an environment where children can thrive.

A culture of professional, reflective practice and a willingness to challenge practice is vital. A whole-team approach and ownership of the setting is key to ensuring a safe, high-quality service for children, parents and families. STANDARD 10. Management and Monitoring Arrangements There are effective and efficient management and monitoring arrangements in the setting to support the work of staff and the care of children. To meet Standard 10: A record of the name and telephone numbers of the registered person is maintained and a contact point is made available for parents. The manager/person in charge provides monitoring reports to the Registered person at least quarterly to facilitate the regular review of the quality of the service. Not all settings will have a management committee, but where they are in place, members’ and Trustees’ roles and responsibilities must be made explicit in writing and audited to ensure adherence to expected standards.

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