Quality education Essay

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Quality education

For years, I have witnessed how the art of teaching had evolved and it keeps on evolving. Every year, the teaching practice is revised; old techniques are changed with new approaches suiting the new generation. Unknowingly, teachers are pressured to cope with all these changes yet with their dedication, they find means to give quality education to us students. With this article, teachers are given a new way to teach young minds.

I strongly believe that a child’s first steps to learn language and literacy are the most crucial ones. His first learning and experiences in school will serve as his foundation throughout his life. I could see the importance of teachers in this stage. Thus, teachers should be competent enough to develop the child. The new approach discussed in the article promotes interactive teaching and interactive learning and as a student, I agree with this approach.

By using this approach, students are encouraged to talk and participate and as a result given more chance to express their thoughts and ideas in class well making it easy for learning. As I see it for the teachers’ side, it would be more convenient for them to listen to their students’ responses and so they could understand their knowledge and thinking, as well as correct some misunderstandings and misconceptions.

On the other hand, it was stated in the article that other teachers might be hesitant to apply this new approach with their fear of losing classroom control, and I understand that since some students, when given freedom to speak, misuse it. Nevertheless, as a learner, I am very open to this approach and I appreciate this article for helping teachers in acquiring new techniques for their profession and also for helping students learn language better which is their foremost step to literacy and quality education.

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