Quality Early Childhood Education Essay

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Quality Early Childhood Education

This essay will identity three of quality indicators which related to early childhood education [ECE]: trained staff, small group size, and partnership with parents and families, then discuss about why they are important for children, parents and society.

Firstly, young children should be cared by trained staff. Rouse and Tarrant (2001) stated staff should have high qualification, training, experience, and positive attitudes working with young children. Educators with high acknowledge are able to provide appropriate care and learning activities. Therefore, not only will children improve their social skills, but their parents will also get valued support and information (Rouse& Tarrant, 2001).

In addition, small group size plays an important role in quality ECE. This means “the children learn more, get on better with others, express themselves better and feel good about themselves” (Rouse& Tarrant, 2001, p.13). For example, if children are well organized to watch how a butterfly to begin hatching from the chrysalis, they can observe more carefully by asking interesting questions. During this play, children can take advantage on making good relationships and intensive conversations. Without doubt, children will feel more valued and secure (Rouse& Tarrant, 2001).

Finally, it is vital for centres to have good partnership with parents and families. Both staff and parents should recognize children’s education is consistent learning which based on their families’ customs, values and beliefs (Grey, 1999). This means they need to respect and trust each other.

This can be achieved by working together with decision-making (Ministry of Education, 1998). Obviously, they will get more opportunities to discuss how to improve children’s development more efficiently. Consequently, both parenting skills and children’s self-confidence will be enhanced, and the society will be the real winner as children are a previous resource for future society (Rouse& Tarrant, 2001).

To conclude, children will get long-term benefits, if they play in a small group, and be educated by high quality staffs who work with parents. And these benefits will extend to their family and the whole society as well. (332 words)

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