Qualities to Run an Educational Institute Essay

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Qualities to Run an Educational Institute

Hello! I am presently working for providing education to those who need it the most. I say this as they are deprived of many resources which others can harness in their lives. As far as an ideal school is concerned, what I personally feel is that if you are able to provide the children what they need the most i. e. moral values and skills simultaneously then a school can be said as ideal. Now what sort of skills is required by a child who is into school education is a question.

He/she need not to be perfect to work on a computer or in a research laboratory as these are a part of higher curriculum, what he/she should possess is a thorough understanding of the facts at the level of his class and that too in an applicative manner. Learning a fact by heart is a different thing and using it as and when required is an altogether aspect. What an institution should aim is to develop the confidence among the learners that, what they know is correct.

Along with the inculcation of moral values is also a very important process. Your students will at some time be adults trying hard to make the ends meet and in that process they will face many difficulties. To help them to be calm and stable in such a situation takes a good understanding of moral values. I think one’s truthfulness is helpful to him in many ways. He or she can escape many problems just by preventing manipulations of facts.

If you are truthful you need not to remember any detail and helps people with you to develop trust in you. Participation of community members and parents is very important in good running of a school. The more is the interaction between parents and teachers, better is the understanding of psychological, social, economic aspects of a child’s personality both ways. This helps in a better healing of the child’s problems on academic, social and psychological grounds.

I as an individual have an experience of dealing with those who have to be given education in spite of many types of psychological and social problems and experiences faced by them. Many times the girls don’t even trust you as a male because of some past experiences. That’s where it needs to be patient to wait for that faith to develop trough interactions. I also have the required degree in education. My experience in dealing with CCA pattern prescribed by the education board will also be helpful in a better execution of curriculum.

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