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Essay on Qualities

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Barbara Corcoran Effective leadership qualities

However, it is not all that easy for Barbara; she faces various problems as an investor in the New York realty market. While she is a popular investment consultant in the city, she admits that she has problems advising because other factors come into place. After selling her realty company, she was left with several buildings in the city; these building are her source of income, beside other inves...

Qualities of a Good Nurse

In conclusion, life experiences with ailing family members provoked me to join nursing profession. I came to learn I had capacity to touch someone’s life, and this was only through nursing. There are several desirable traits of a stellar nurse that are compassionate, selfless, caring, excellent communication skills and self-awareness. These qualities help nurses to provide...

Qualities of a Good Parent

Another quality a good parent should have while raising children is discipline. When a child has done something wrong a parent must perform some type of disciplinary action to force the child to understand what he or she did is wrong and cannot happen again. If a parent allows a child to misbehave without any discipline, then the child will have the mentality that what he or she did is okay and wi...

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Required Qualities Of An Effective Business Leader

All the characteristics mentioned above are the ones employees hope to see in their leaders. There are, inevitably, also some traits that no worker would want to find in their employers, like lack of integrity. These are also the leaders that don’t walk the talk by setting up standards of behaviour and expectations, then violating the rules themselves. Business leaders should do whatever is poss...

Analyze the main character’s positive and negative qualities in “To build a fire”

The story ended with a Tom Vincent surviving but totally different from the Tom at the beginning. He became “sensitive to frost” and “lays down the precept of the North”. He finally took a bitter lesson from Mother Nature. After analyzing the character’s positive and negative qualities, we can learn valuable lessons: a will of iron is a weapon that helps us overcome difficulties in life,...

What are the qualities of an effective employee?

In conclusion, better workmanship can be affected by the qualities of employees and bosses using different ways to improve staff efficiency. These include listening to all opinions, improving self discipline and tackling all opportunities. On the management side the result can include recognizing workers needs, understanding the importance of a balance between work time and free time for staff and...

Qualities of Ratan Tata

Leaders have a sense of meaning and purpose in each area of their lives. They have clear, written goals and plans they work on every day. Leaders are clear about where they are going and what they will have to do to get there. Their behavior is purposeful and goal-directed. As a result, they accomplish five and ten times as much as the average person who operates from day to day with little concer...

Writing an Informative Essay about Heroic Qualities

Another person that is consider a hero is Martin Luther King JR. He was a civil rights activist, baptist minister, leader, fighter, and humanitarian. Mr. King fought for what was right and never gave up. H e used nonviolent approaches to get his point across and acted respectfully. Martin also was very brave to stand up for African-American citizens during a time which segregation and racism. Due ...

Important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)

A boss has to be more patient for his/her employees. This quality is necessary for everyone who wants to be a good boss. Mankind is not perfect that is why it is impossible to avoid making mistakes. Because of this reason, supervisor has to be more patient in order to teach and train his/her employees the specifics of the job. In conclusion an outstanding boss it is a person who possesses many qua...

Qualities Needed for Effective Counseling

From this paper, for an individual to be considered an effective counselor, he/she must posses a great combination of both personal and professional qualities. All these activities revolve around developing the correct attitude towards the clients to make the counseling process successful. This will lead to a good relationship with the clients as well as building a concrete rapport builds thus a f...

The qualities of a good leader

Although others opinion towards you should not matter in this case it does because nobody would want a leader with making incorrect decisions therefore it would be the right thing to prove them wrong and start making the right choices. Incase of challenges along the way they should face them with bravery and deal with them as part of their responsibility. This will improve strength and preparednes...

Leadership qualities of Odysseus throughout the book

Alexander the Great's decisiveness is paralleled only by Odysseus, which is another trait that all strong leaders must possess. Another element to a leader that is often present is that of arrogance, as Alexander the Great believed himself to be half immortal, and held himself in comparison with Hercules. Alexander was even known to sleep with copies of Homer's books under his pillow, and drew hea...

"Lord of the Flies": Qualities of a Good Leader

As can be seen, the combined leadership qualities of Ralph, Jack and Piggy would have most likely worked in creating a civilization on the island. Ralph's logic, appearance, and influential speeches can guide the group to do what is important. Jack's decisiveness can get the important things done quickly and efficiently. Finally Piggy's intelligence would provide important information as to how to...

Prejudice in the Merchant of Venice

The role of prejudice plays an important role in The Merchant of Venice. This prejudice, however insulting and mean it seems now was not as badly viewed in the Elizabethan era. In fact, this prejudice was completely normal. The persecution and prejudice towards Jews, colored people, and people from certain nations was a regular part of daily live. Without the prejudice in The Merchant of Venice, t...

Julius Caesar - Qualities of a Good Leader

Antony uses his speech skills to win the heart of the crowd and he makes the people feel how he wants them to. He said, "Good friends, sweet friends, let me not stir you up / To such a sudden flood of mutiny." (III.ii.12-13) That quote probably made the crowd want to know more of what Antony had to say, and that was what Antony wanted. So, the ability to persuade people is a very important element...

Analysis Of Oppression in Black Like Me

In John Howard Griffin's book Black Like Me, Griffin accurately describes the difference between the way Caucasians were treated and the way African Americans were treated in America's south during the 1950s. His ability to describe the contrast so accurately stems from the fact that he experienced what it was like to be seen as "black" and what it was like to be seen as "white". Although many sou...

Qualities of a Good Ruler

I agree with Machiavelli's ideas because he exposed reality to the extreme with his book. Poetry and music are supposedly related to real life issues yet the author always fails to accomplish the goal of exposing reality. Machiavelli however, did not have the restrictions of the elegance for a poem or rhymes for a song and was able to get his points across very well. Amazingly, though the book was...

Qualities of my grandfather

"I always remember my house, my garden, my neighbors, and every single city of Abkhazia, where I spent a long time of my life. I want to admit that I live much wealthier life now in America, than back in Abkhazia. The point of our life is not about been rich; the point if this life is, in my opinion, is to wake up in the morning and be able to see beloved relatives and friends. This is not only my...

The Odyssey: Odysseus' heroic/frail qualities

As the epic continues, the characteristics of Odysseus that make him an outstanding hero become obvious: his courage, his leadership and his sharp intellect. He always leads successful victories, disregarding the severity of the obstacles. Even with a tragic flaw, he manages to overcome his challenges and tribulations with strength and wisdom to be called indeed, the greatest hero of all times....

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Personal Qualities

Generally the character is pathetic, helpless, and/or an innocent victim suffering through no fault of his or her own. Identify and explain an example of pathos in Ch. 23. Twain uses pathos when he writes how Jim is homesick and misses his family, and how Jim feels guilty for beating his daughter, not knowing she was deaf. This is a sad story, used to evoke emotion from the reader, thus making the...

Qualities of My Ideal Job

Defining the basic of a perfect job, and ideal job has many attributes. But practically, speaking an ideal job might don’t exist at all. I’m sure everyone has heard the word “ideal” being mentioned in the same sentence with “job”. Everyone has an in image in there head of what they want their life to be. Where they want to go in life, what kind of job, home many kids, where you want to...

Qualities of a Good Book

We need to be able to lean on every sentence, and not have it suddenly give way and crumble beneath the weight of our analysis. The style is also important, as well as the meaning behind the words. I should be clear, yet with a twinge of mysterious in it, yet not confuse and baffle the reader with bad grammar or sequencing. “Well, he said this, but maybe he meant something else. ” Last but not...

Odysseus: The Qualities of a Hero

This incident is the best proof of how cunning Odysseus is. The protagonist of Homer’s “The Odyssey” is indeed an admirable character. With his physical strength, courage, and cunning, Odysseus has proven himself a true hero after he overcame all the obstacles in his journey. These three qualities make Odysseus a character which readers can look up to. Work Cited Homer. “The Odyssey. ” P...

Behavior and Qualities of Characters in Novel Sula

After the incident with Jude, Nel became like the towns people. She judged Sula because she did not live by rules or containment. She was simply free and everyone was jealous of that. Soon Sula falls in love with Ajax. He is the only person to see Sula for what she really was and independent women. She reminded him of his mother. He loved the fact that she was not domestic and that they considered...

Key Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

They readjust their path if the criticism is constructive and useful to their overall plan, otherwise they will simply disregard the comments as pessimism. Also, the best entrepreneurs know that rejection and obstacles are a part of any leading business and they deal with them appropriately.True entrepreneurs are resourceful, passionate and driven to succeed and improve. They‘re pioneers and are...

The Great Qualities of Alexander Fleming

(“Alexander Fleming,” World of Anatomy) Fleming always put his research before he did. He was famous and had a lot of fame and money but still decided to complete further research. Clearly, Alexander Fleming demonstrated intelligence, bravery, and selflessness. With his research, many people benefited from his findings because they were cured of their diseases, or other sicknesses. Only someon...

The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." - John Wooden, college basketball coach "Although they only give gold medals in the field of athletics, I encourage everyone to look into themselves and find their own personal dream, whatever that may be - sports, medicine, law, busines...

Grant and Lee a Study in Contrasts About Leadership

In our modern society today I think that we can now discuss our political differences and beliefs in peace and overall our nation is one that is very united as a whole. We live in a country that strongly follows Grant’s belief in equal rights for everyone in which citizens are able to vote for who they want as President of the United States. Also, although people will always disagree and agree o...

The Personal Qualities of a Teacher

Finally, I think a teacher should have the kind of mind which always wants to go on learning. Teaching is a job at which one will never be perfect; there is always something more to learn about it. There are three principal objects of study: the subject, or subjects, which the teacher is teaching; the methods by which they can best be taught to the particular pupils in the classes he is teaching; ...

The Leadership Qualities of Oedipus and Kreon

This shows that Kreon is a cool-headed person that thinks before he speaks, which is a good leadership quality. Furthermore, Kreon demonstrates his scholars’ intellects by telling Oedipus that “to throw away a noble friend is like a man who parts with his own life, the thing most dear to him. Give it some time”. In other words, Kreon is trying to tell Oedipus to not jump to conclusion for hi...

Qualities of a Hero

Valor - is courage exhibited in war, and can not be applied to single combats. Selfless - is the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others and acting with less concern for yourself. Conviction - is a fixed or strong belief; a necessity of the mind or an unshakable belief. Focused - is the ability to direct one's energy toward a particular point or purpose; to concentrate one's energy....

Flowers for Algernon - Qualities That Surpass Intelligence

Those are the ways that respect is shown to be a ore valuable quality than intelligence in this novel. If one looks between the lines in the novel Flowers for Algernon, they will interpret many messages and take away valuable lessons from it. One of which is that there are qualities that are much more valuable and important than intelligence. The qualities that are shown to be more important than ...

Qualities Of A Succesful Diplomat

Lastly, a successful diplomat, apart from been intelligent, abreast of global issues, must be strong willed, never easily discouraged, in a world of confusion,[9]the depiction of a diplomat as a spy ,shows the complexity in the art of diplomacy. Its therefore expected that to be successful, a diplomat must be able to articulate his/her ideas to match up with the situation at hand ,an individual al...

Rizal’s Parents’ Qualities

When he on the travels he finished his novel, “Noli Me tangere” and published it. This means that his travels help him to realize and to think about our country’s position at that time. His travel made Him famous, Socialize and meet true friends that helps him to become a full of wisdom hero. And his travels made the Philippines famous not to be called as “indio” but also a country that ...

Personal Qualities Of Bank Officers Marketing

A brand name is important as it brings the sign of image, value and also the selection of the product by the customers. If the brand is easy to remember, customers can easily recommend the product to their friends and families. Furthermore, we should consider changing the product name from ‘ProHealth’ to ‘COCO’ as this will make them to easily understand that our product is actually about ...

Qualities of an Effective Leader

So, listen to the team, hear them out, and determine what are everyone's SWOT(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) characteristics is, once this is identified the leader can then assist the ones who are struggling and let the others proceed and shine. By doing this, the followers will feel you are vesting time into them to do better and the level of respect will go up. By doing this,...

Indra Nooyi's Leadership Qualities

She encourages being comfortable and true to one's self. Nooyi still strolls shoeless and takes care of telephone calls from relatives amidst gatherings. Regardless she wears a Sari at work a few times, sings and does not overlook her legacy in spite of being in charge of PepsiCo. This likewise incorporates regarding her representatives as more distant families and permitting an increasingly...

The student qualities into finishing graduate school

There's nothing you can't do if you find that well of emotional stability in your core. It will give you patience and allow you to negotiate the difficulties of graduate school with equanimity. It will keep you tethered during the upheavals of immense heights and dismal lows. It will make you stand up every time you fall. You need to summon up all your maturity because you are, without doubt, goin...

Qualities of good leader

The animals were soon convinced as there was no proof that it was written down. Another example would be when the pigs suddenly started to live in the farm house. But as the animals began to doubt about the resolution against this, Squealer again, convinced them by saying it's necessary for the brainworkers of the farm to have a peaceful and quiet place to work in (pg. 79). It is later revealed th...

In the subculture there are many qualities that make subculture

In addition to representative values would be the punctuality, this is in many countries as a respected value but in comparison with Mexico is depend in different groups, in my cause when someone planning to meet in a restaurant, party, school or just whatever simple place is more extraordinary how people came late, causes that came 30mins or 1 hour. Something that is kind of fun when you see peop...

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