Qualitative Essay Topics

Qualitative Social Research

Sociological researcher, Steven Taylor, in his articles discusses the moral and ethical issues researchers must grapple with when they are carrying out studies of abusive behavior in institutions that have weak and disadvantaged people in our society. He cites his own 1 year work experience in a state institution for the mentally retarded to highlight… View Article

The Boeing 787 dream liner

Boeing has tried to keep up with the pace of producing the already late project of the Boeing 787 dream liner. The company have been suffering much inconveniences especially from the overseas companies it had outsourced some parts of the fuselage. The company has invested substantial amount in the production of different parts of the… View Article

Marketing concept of britvic

Three key characteristics of the marketing concept within Britvic are customer value, product quality and marketing research. Using these three key characteristics of the marketing concept the business grew from a home run business to become the number 2 branded soft drink business in the UK. An example of this is in 1938 Ralph Chapman,… View Article

Living conditions of few privileged classes

Almaz Haile Slassie (1993), Traditional practices affecting the health of women and children in Africa (Ethiopia: A.A) Damte, E (2010) United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Early marriage (918) Divorce in Ethiopia: The impact of early marriage, Tilson, Larson (2000) Ethiopian public health training initiative, the Carter center the Ethiopian Ministry of Education (2005) Guday Emila… View Article