Qualifications or Experiences Is Important?

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Qualifications or Experiences Is Important?

Linh: Today, we’ll talk about the topic: experience and qualifications. And there’s a statement that: “Experience and ability are more important than qualifications”. Do you agree or not agree? Let’s discuss it with two members in my group. Hi, Tam! What do you think?

Tam: Um, I think qualifications are more important. Because if we have no paper qualification, we’ll have a lot of difficuties when we begin to work or apply for a job. Because we don’t have basic knowledge and chance to get insight into a specific field that we’ll work. So, many people say that: “University is a key to open a new window to our future.” And every year, students who finish school, they often enter a university and try their best to achieve. Because it is not easy to pass exams. Therefore, the way that we go will longer and hard when going to college.

Linh: Yes, I do agree with your opinion, but you know, university is not the only wa to go in life. In reality, many people achieve their goals but have no qualifications. They sucess because of their effort and their ability. You know, they always want to have knowledge as much as possible. They study at university and experience themselves on part-time job in their free time. And it brings so much experience. So, although they don’t succeed on their studying, they still accumulate much experience and ability for themselves. In the end, they become a professional in field which they are working. How about you, Ngoc?

Ngoc: yes, I agree with Linh and Tam. Students who graduate at university doesn’t always reflect true their ability. Because a person’s true ablility have to show by passing interview when he or she applies for a job. But most interviews is not only acquired test about knowledge that he learned at college but also practice or experience in life. Because, at university, he is learned theory than practice. Do you think so?

Linh: Yes,right!
Tam: Ok, I agree.
Linh: So, my group go to conclusion is that experience and ability are as important as university qualifications. They are always necessary for everyone. Thank you for your listening!


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