Putting Our Brains on Hold Essay

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Putting Our Brains on Hold

The reading “ Putting Our Brains on Hold,” by Bob Herbert, indicates that the United States is twelve among countries with college degrees. Also, this reading indicates that the percentage of people with college degrees has fallen, and that America’s young people are moving in the wrong direction at a time when college education is needed. Herbert says that engagement in issues that happen in society can lead to creative ideas and would enrich the lives of Americans. Many people are to blame for the society not engaging in the issues that happen in society.

The most significant idea in this reading is parents, students, the educational establishment, government leaders, and the news media having the blame for not letting the society engage in the issues that happen to the society. Many children do badly in school because of their parents. Children of middle and upper classes are more likely to get high grades. Traumatic events can affect a child by giving that child a poor grade.The more time a parent spends with a child the more likely a child is to get a better grade.

Children can do baldy in the classroom because of their carelessness.Teacher preparation is important for a teacher to be effective in the classroom. Good teacher preparation can have an affect on a student’s academic achievement. A teacher’s confidence can affect a student’s performance. It is important that teachers believe in themselves and in their abilities.

The media can also affect children’s performance in school in a negative way. Television watching can replace activities that can help a child do better in school such as reading and doing homework. Television can also replace reading. Reading requires more thinking than television watching. Reading development. This is how television can affect a person’s performance in school.

Many people are not learning about the issues that happen in society. Many people are to blame for the society not engaging in the issues that happen everyday. This engagement can lead to creative ideas.

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