Putting Members First Essay

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Putting Members First

At Nationwide we want to work with people who share our values. In 200 – 300 words what do Nationwide’s values mean to you? And how do you exhibit these when you work with others? Nationwide’s values are clear and concise, arranged in a 5 letter acronym, PRIDE. Each letter holds impact, and the values are very clear to what Nationwide believes in. Firstly, they believe in putting members first. This reflects that it is the customers who take priority. I believe that this should be the forefront of any organisation in that there should be a good quality service in place solely based on satisfying the customer. I would regard the customer in every decision I make/input in teams. Rewarding memberships is also important to Nationwide’s culture. There has to be an incentive in place to make members feel they are seeking benefits by choosing Nationwide.

I would ensure that this is done by being hardworking, and helping others achieve their targets, so the members will receive their reward. Members of Nationwide also have to have trust in the work that they do. I believe in working with integrity and exert professionalism so that the members know that their information is safe, and that they feel they are priority so they can trust that they are receiving the best reward. This links into the next value at Nationwide of doing the right thing. I understand that it is important to own up to mistakes and try to amend these rather than trying to cover them up. Pride in the company should always be ahead of my own pride. Excelling at service is what gives Nationwide its prestigious place as the largest building society in the world. I would ensure that I keep up to Nationwide’s high standards.

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