Pursuing Undergraduate Studies Essay

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Pursuing Undergraduate Studies

I lived in South Korea for 14 years with a family and friends who are always there to comfort me through thick and thin. After finishing my eighth grade my parents decided to send me in the United States of America to study.  They believed that by doing so, it will make me a stronger person both academically and socially.  At the start, it was very tough for me because of the language barrier.

 My difficulties in using the English language cause a tremendous social gap with the American society.  In the long run I was able to overcome those obstacles in my life.  I have found myself enjoying my stay in the USA with new friends and a better life ahead with more open doors and opportunities.  One of these doors was when I attended a JP Art–Studio during the first year which aroused my interest in art and I accepted those changes with open arms.

The only barrier of this desire is my parents, whom I don’t want to disappoint aside that they are the one supporting my study here in USA. They want me to become a doctor, but my heart and soul cried out for me to become an artist.

Until one day, my life changed dramatically.  Two years ago when I visited Maryland in one of the bookstore, I saw an illustration book by Obata-Dakesi. My eyes widened, my ears numbed, my body froze and my mind got sucked as I read the illustration book of Obata-Dakisi. I heard a lot of stories of people who became an animators and illustrators after reading an illustration book. It was the turning point in my life. I cannot imagine that this kind of art has the great power to make people pick up their pen to graphically explore their world and express their emotions, as what happened to me.

A strong marvelous feeling inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming an artist.  It was truly amazing how I was able to share my thoughts and feelings by just looking at other’s drawings.  It brings out the very true person as I am.  Day after day drawing has become more significant in my life.  I am fascinated with the structures of an illustration so much that it motivates and inspired me to determine strongly the purpose of my life.  I started looking at objects more closely and experimenting to it so as to build up further my drawing skills.  I become more attentive and sensitive to my surroundings.

Now, I have my own definition of “art” and this makes me more comfortable following my dreams.  My goal is not becoming what everyone else wishes me to be, but to follow the desire of my heart, this burning feeling that makes me move every now and then.  I cannot imagine life without art.  It becomes my best friend, my best life-teacher.  It will make me a better unique person with purpose and direction in life.  Arts what matters to me know.  Throughout my life, I have found myself another fulfilling experience that makes me the happiest person.

My ultimate goal now is to be admitted in one of the best school, the School of Visual Arts for computer art program in Maryland Institute College of Art.  Through enrolling in this prestigious institution it will be able to help me fulfill my dream in becoming an ultimate artist. I know that I will learn many techniques, styles and many more from your institution and this will all help me to prepare in my future careers in arts.

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