Pursuing Happiness Essay

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Pursuing Happiness


Happiness is defined as a state of being wherein one is satisfied with his/her surroundings or when a person feels good. It is a feeling that is recognized by our mind and it originates from us[1].


How can every individual acquire happiness? Here are some guides to live by:

1.) Practice Honesty

People usually commit white lies and omission lies to avoid hurting other people or avoid embarrassment. We usually don’t consider white lies and omission lies as an act of dishonesty because they don’t cause much damage, however, we forget the fact that whenever we lie, we pile things we want to cover-up or things that we are ashamed of; hence, we can never be happy in life. We must first learn to practice honesty within ourselves, by recognizing what we really feel, what we want to say and what we want to do. If we are honest with ourselves, we can later on develop a healthy lasting relationship with other people.

2.) Own your Emotions. Influence & Control

How we feel and react solely depends on ourselves, no can make us feel bad or can make us angry. Other people may, however, influence us by the comments they say or the reactions they show us but they can never control and dictate how we should feel and react in the end. We must remember never to blame other people for where we are and how we feel.

3.) God is First.

Many had confused being happy by possessing a lot of material things. We must not be blinded by the idea that acquiring more material things means much happiness and fulfillment. We had been warned not to rely in life’s abundance of the things one possesses[2]. Lastly, we must not forget to thank God for the blessings we received, regardless of the religion we practice.


Happiness is the feeling everyone wants to have. It emits a feeling that we can achieve anything. We feel good in everything we do or in what we are about to do. However, there is a common mistake made by people, relating happiness with material things or external stimuli. We should keep in mind, that happiness is recognized by our mind. Therefore, it comes from within ourselves and is not affected by earthly things. There are three guides that we can apply in our lives to help us achieve happiness: honesty, own your emotions and God must be first. Remember that people may only affect our beliefs but can never control or dictate our decisions and emotions in life.


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