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Purpose of Art Essay

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Purpose of Art

The quote “Anyone who says you can’t see a thought simply doesn’t know art” by Wynetka Ann Reynolds. Reynolds is saying in this quote that you need some thinking or imaginations to see or do art. I think, If someone can’t see and figure that out, how can he draw or write music ? . In this quote Reynolds is saying that the purpose of art is thinking, like an imagination, imagination is the true inspiration of art. Without imagination we can’t have art.

Also without imagination other items like philosophy itself cannot exist. The Art needs imagination or thinking. Art Should need imagination, for example, young children draws something unexpected, interesting even surprising for old peoples point of view, because they have lot of imaginations. Like they draws about speaking birds, talking dogs, those imaginations will give them more inspiration which eventually led them to be creative.

A photographer must imagine what the end result will look like before snap the picture. Writer must imagine what his reader will see or comprehend when they have finished reading the article. Musician, whether creating a musical piece or plying an existing piece, must imagine what the music looks and sound like, and what those who hear it will hear, see and feel. Any form of art MUST involve imagination.

Imagination is used in all aspects of life. Every inventor, artist, doctor, architect, “all people” use imagination. You have to be a creative thinker to produce anything. Which did not exist before It takes vision, imagination and intelligence to implement a new concept. The Artists should use imagination to talk or express their thought. Without imagination art itself cannot exist, it just will be one of copying thing without creativity.

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