Purpose and Meaning of Education Essay

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Purpose and Meaning of Education

Outlines: 1. Definition of the Education 2. Education in Islam and its importance 3. Purpose of Education 4. Peace and Prosperity through Education 5. Education as a best weapon 6. Education as a bridge to social and global brotherhood 7. Standard Education across the globe 8. Education can make this world a better place to live on 9. Education, the only survival for Humanity 10. Conclusion Poverty is my pride, struggle is my way of life, education is my weapon and love of Allah is my strength. (Hazrat Mohammad PBUH).

Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, research, or simply through auto-didacticism. Generally, it occurs through any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts. Islam has put great stress on Education. The very first word of the first revelation was “Iqr’a” means read. The Holy Qur’an emphasizes more that seeking of knowledge is compulsory upon every man woman.

Islam has given very clear instructions for the Education and has made it compulsory for all the genders equally. The purpose of education according to Islam is to serve the humanity in every possible way and lead a peaceful life by obeying the commandments of Allah (the only creator of the entire universe). Lack of education is the root cause of every trouble and misery. It is education only by which we can bring change, peace as well as prosperity in the world. Our aim should be clear in this regard that the only possible way to make human life as better as we can is education only.

We know very well that education is the only weapon which is the best anti-biotic to every evil cause. We can destroy every evil strength through this weapon and bring desirable changes in every part of the globe. Today when we look at the world we find it divided on the bases of religion, race, colour, caste, creed and tribe. Sectarian and ethnic discrimination has drawn the boundaries of hate and egotism. We can overcome all these by spreading education in the entire world and make it a way towards social and global brotherhood on the basis of humanity.

Past history proves that human is the most furious creature on this planet which is why today we see this bloody picture and insecurity all over the world but if we adopt the education in our characters and deeds we can surely make this world a better place to live on. When we speak about standard education it means there should be same and qualitative education across the world so that every human being can seek it in the very same like others do. Standard education will destroy the poverty, misery, and hunger from the world.

No any other human doctrine can stop the destruction of human beings except the education as it the need of the hour as well as the only way for the survival of humanity. Conclusion. From the above mentioned facts and realities it is quite clear that the meaning, purpose and cause of education should be to serve the humanity without any kind of discrimination on the basis of equality so that we can make our world a place better to live on peacefully and purposefully.

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