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In the present decade real estate industry is the most prosperous industry of Pune, which is attracting investors across the country in order to earn huge returns on their investment. Due to the strategic location of Pune city, the city is becoming the hub many IT companies and MNCs. At the same time to accommodate increasing population in Pune due to rapid industrialization, the city is offering best opportunity to investors of Pune real estate to invest in residential and commercial properties.

Pune property is going through its golden era in which the city is witnessing tremendous growth in the area of IT companies, indigenous companies, and MNCs. Further, the residential projects launched by various developers is also flourishing as more and more cash rich professional working in these companies are also looking for their homes. Therefore, there is cut throat competition among the builders to offer best amenities to their cash rich customers and to gain the larger market share.

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On the other hand if we talk about commercial properties. developers are ready to offer their customers best services, which are required by them to boost their businesses.

With the commencement of IT companies and MNCs in Pune many young and experienced professional are following the route of Pune. Some of the major corporate places of Pune are; Baner, Anudh, Viman Nagar, Lonavala, and many more are hub of many big business houses. Since, development of corporate area is followed by residential areas many leading builders earned huge profit by developing various successful residential project at; Hadapsar, Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, Baner, Kharadi, NIMB, Wakad, and many more.

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In present world people have very busy schedule and thus, they need a very relaxed life at their homes where they can get all the comforts. In view of these facts developers of Pune has changed their tradition style of construction and moving to contemporary style by developing luxury apartments in Pune. If we talk about commercial property, the traditional market and office trend is transforming itself to mall culture and commercial complexes, thus, in order to grab larger market share real estate developers are also following the contemporary trend. Apartments in Pune are becoming dream homes for the home seekers even living outside Pune city because of its pleasing climate and rare view of beautiful landscapes and greenery. In addition, premier educational institutions are also attracting students across the world, who also search for PGs and hostels. All the above mentioned factors contributed in raising the price of Pune property.

In today’s scenario the even the international player in the real estate business are ready to invest in the . This factor not only boosted the business of real estate in Pune but at the same time increased the revenue of central and the state government. Therefore, the state and central government has passed many legislation to make this business more flourishing in the city, which is has boosted the morale of the real estate companies for more investments in Pune.

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